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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Round one of the teak oil is finished. I'm gonna let the body dry 48 hours before I apply the next coat.
Then I went down to the local and bought , literally, a pot of open beeswax which I'll warm up and use once I'm happy about the richness of the oil finish.
There are a lot of different types of oils, and a thousand words written on each by all, however the quality of the teak oil by hedin is good enough as it apparently has small particles which ensures it seeps deep into the wood. You can see by the pics that the body is 50/50 which goes well with the neck which also has a white stripe nearing the top.At the same time I finally got the digit out and point a tool for 29 skr which will assist me in making small leader holes in the body/neck to fit the hardware. So this evening I made the marks and fitted the mini-schaller screws into the back of the neck. Job done, can't wait for the parts to arrive which no doubt will be after Easter but in time for when the finishing is finished, so to speak..
Some pics with flash, some without to show the grain.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recommended listening..

Al Di Meola,John Mclaughlin y Paco de Lucía and "Friday night in san francisco live"
You'll find your nose may start bleeding and you'll soil your pants, but it's worthwhile.

fitting the Dimarzio pot

So, finally the Dimarzio 1 meg pot arrived and once again I had to get some tools and sandpaper out last night to enlarge the hole for this pot for the TVjones Project with hotdog route.Only took a few minutes and she popped in like a glove.
Having tried out some different knobs, I stuck with a solid brass fender brass series knob that I bought NOS.
Not really sure why, but I chose to use mostly gold/brass hardware for this project, I think the dinasaur birdseye neck needs the gold mini schallers with pearloid buttons as well as a gold neck plate and string ferrules that haven't been fitted yet as I'm still gonna have to finish the body with Shellac or Danish Oil.
I have recieved a confirmation after a month that the Powertron bridge plus and bridge are in the post and on their way over the Atlantic. So hopefully the project will be up on its legs soon enough. Obvioulsy I'll tighten everything down before take-off. With the fatneck weighing almost as much as the body and the overall weight of the body being really light, I reckon this guitar will sound awesome!
There are a few questions left with regards the bridge, whether or not I'll cut it back and have the pup sitting on its own in the body like the Fender La cabrolita. Although I made a point of using a classic style tele bridge saddle arrangement on mine as opposed to 6 single saddles, as I feel you get more of a pluck n twang from this arrangement.The 6 saddle setup imo makes the strings feel almost too tight...I realise that doesn't make much sense...but it feels like the difference between tuning a set of strings between std tuning and a semitone down.And of course, thats why we build these, to play, so no point in copying something you don't "feel" as nice, eh..

Sunday, March 28, 2010


So this weekend saw the EJ Relic get the treatment with 59 thinskins and some 54 plastic in the shaped of rounded pup covers and knobs from the same era. Important that this one is mostly 50's parts imo. My favorite part which really adds authenticity is the 5 switch ( which could even be a 3 way to keep its 50s) football bakelite switch tip which is a really small but cool addition. fact that it looks like a rugby ball makes it a "must have" item.
The electrics are wired as a "no load" pot for all pups and the bottom tone pot is a neck and bridge blender pot. The cap is a vintage oil cap reissue.

The relic 54 trem block is on the way as well as some relic parts which are important when you don't have a cover on the back, some aged springs and claw with bolts to go with the relic trem block. Up top and some GOTOH 50's vintage tuners.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Top Talent - Jack White

Okay, lets start off by saying I hadn't really picked up on this guy until I watched "it might get loud", which is a very interesting film. Page, White and the Edge talking, playing and being nostalgic..What you do notice is how much of an "original" White is. Whatever he plays, he gives it his signature big time.
Like Al Di Meola, the phrases and voicings all have JW's time stamp signature, and this makes his playing style very much his and unique.In fact, in my opinion he's up there with a lot of top names and he's still young.

For you to understand what I mean, I'll upload this clip with Al Di Meola explaining a subject which really struck a chord when i first watched this clip. Listen and learn to one of the Masters:

So, if you understood this, then make it work, it will effect you apply the law.

Now back to Jack White, loads uploaded on Youtube, here is a good mix of his solos on his different array of guitars, his fav being the Kay.I've listed his Guitar equipment.

- 2 1964 JB Hutto Montgomery Airlines guitars
- Harmony Rocket guitar
- 1970s-era Crestwood Astral II guitar
- 1950s-era Kay Hollowbody guitar
- Gretsch White Penguin guitar

Friday, March 26, 2010

Suicide Solution

There are a few of these "after hours" clips on Youtube, Rhoads is simply awesome..Ozzys voice could do with some assistance I feel..but nice that this is unclipped and live..

Gotta be right.......

What? The EJ 57/62 relic, thats what.
The body that has had more necks and parts on it than any other is now is perfect unison with the newly arrived neck that somebody decided to relic, but not too much. Once again the quality of parts could be summarised as the heel fitted the body and stayed in place without the need of screws.A perfect fit.

So, with reliced bushings and tree, looks like a set of Gotoh reliced tuners from fatboy will slot in.
The single ply aged guard will go with the bakelite knobs and covers that are also aged and due to the nature of the beast I have decided to slot the Custom shop '59 thinskins from the Schecter custom shop Iroko Tangerine, and put a rather special set into the schecter which I think will work well.These will be vintage Dimarzio HS3 (Malsteen) in the middle pup, a vintage Dimarzio FS-1 in the bridge and quite possibly the EJ neck pickup where it should fit, in the neck. The EJ relic will really suit the 59s with the Q/sawn maple neck and alder lightweight body.

So, details, and what makes or breaks. The EJ signature is special in the way it doesn't have a backplate, so you don't want a nice shiny trem block set up and too shiny things in the back..or front.At the same time EJ was specific in the way he wanted a 54 block as the holes are drilled shallow, which leaves more mass for sustain.So here is the answer, a 54 relic block and bridge top which will get a set of saddles I have already from 82.

Freedom Kids Guitar Upgrade..

Remember my sunday walk that ended up with me buying a Freedom kids guitar (3/4 size) for 150kr?

Well, its a timber body, maple neck with a maple cap fretboard, die-cast tuners and full size head. Amusingly it also has a fixed bridge which I see they advertise on ebay . You could strip some great parts off this effort, it has a full size tele/strat steel neckplate, a gibson style jackplate, both chrome, a chrome fixed bridge and a really nice neck for a midget guitar, shallow C shaped.Pics have been added previously..

Anyway, having fixed the jackplug I then simply had to replace the pickup...Having ripped it out I noticed it sat on two springs and had a ceramic magnet underneath with tape keeping the wire together. Chingchong pish I reckon, so I ripped it out and realised that the best pup to nitro this kiddie fiddle would be one of my 78 original Dimarzio SDS 1s. Its a close call with the strings, but it fits and sounds magic.
Not sure where the single pot comes from, its tiny but does its' job well. They even went to the trouble of adding an earth wire through the body to the fixed bridge.
To finish off I decided to add the kahler solid brass stratocaster style volume knob.Looks the dogs bollox.

Restrung and loadsafun! Just like EVH, you gotta have a mini guitar in the collection, this one just got even better. Running at around 1000kr recommended price with a 5W amp, I reckon its a quality effort for a kiddies guitar. Now its hot rodded and tuned up ,I love it when a plan comes together!

pics to follow..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Good news was the long awaited solid brass knob arrived..bad news it wasn't big enough to fit the solid shaft on the 1 meg pot, so its moved over to another project.

To my surprise the EJ relic neck arrived from the USA...its already fitted to the body and this is gonna be a great EJ relic! Pics to follow...

Steve Vai "Die to live"

Just can't get over the awesome sound he gets on this track! the crunch is awesome!

quite impressive, I do like the shades and the fan to create the spirit of the song..looks like the poor lassie lives in a jail cell..

A Charvel..well no, actually not....

Well since it's Charvel week at the House of Gonzo I decided to have a look around and came across quite an interesting signature guitar of Mr Jake E Lee. I watched and met Mr Lee back in 1984 on the Ozzy Tour.
Never really listened very much to him so I can't really comment, at the time I felt there was no substitute for Rhoads so he never really got the chance he deserved in my case anyway.
Anyway, his fav guitar is aparently a 73/74 Fender hardtail (featuring a brass bridge) with a Fender bullet truss neck that is rubbed down by a mate from Charvel who after the fact decided to add the Charvel sticker after remoddelling the 70s CBS headstock to a more Charvel/fender vintage style.
Apparently to get the dive bomb effects he achieved without a trem was through a pedal.

and his guitar solo from the same tour on said guitar..

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a must have...

Gibson Les Paul standards, customs...R4,R6,R8,R9 and even R0
They all have basically one thing in common and thats the cost...ain't cheap..
I haven't played many..but a while back I salvaged an early 70's body from was up for 5 secs and I sent the owner a mail and he sold me it before he received hundreds of offers...and everybody who has played the end result have said its a monster..with two 69 original pafs replacing the DF and a classic, the guitar is simply awesome..
..but there is one version I've been interested in a while and I've found one..a 54 reissue from the 71-73 I simply couldn't afford an original..The Black Beauty with the Alnico V and P90..I'd love one of these in the piece body and neck..

No Movement

God I hate waiting for parts...
So far I have several small packets that should arrive asap, however the shops that send things from the US and UK sometimes ensure they make a profit on the postage and strap the gear to a frikken pidgeon...
So, still awaiting the Dimarzio 1 meg pot...and a solid brass strat volume knob..
Then the TVJones company thanked me for my purchase and then mentioned the parts were so new they were still at the platers and may take a week...or "so"...
1 powertron bridge plus and bridge on the way then..
I can't move on the finish until everything is fitted and marked up.
Then the shellac is purchased and we're really to plug'n play..

Then of course the Charvel San Dimas 2H Nos snowy white should arrive any day. I'm informed it was sent on friday so I'm pretty excited at getting the guitar.
At the moment my Schecter necked 62RI is out on loan which is always something I think about.Always a worry. The pups that I purchased way back and posted info right here on the site, are simply the best I've heard. To be fair the '59 thinskins are really good as well, but the SRV59 sliders are awesome and I'm been in contact with the man , asking if he can build me some Classic 57s without the reverse wound in the middle, as I feel the EJ project would really suit these pups.
Pots wise and I really like the sound of the bridge coupled up with the neck for a telecaster set up on a strat, leaving the tone for the middle pup void. Its an easy set up and well recommended.
I already know I'm gonna be really happy with the EJ project. The body was the first fender body that I purchased from Ebay and its such a nice cutback 57 lightweight body which has been reliced naturally, as its seen various necks on it. I always thought it would be great to put a reliced maple neck on it, but didn't think there would be anyone out there who would actually relic an EJ neck. So to find one and get it just shows that sometimes it's worth waiting for the right parts! I need a good trem setup and some relic tuners as well as a set of 57 classics. I have found a 60's heavy relic customshop trem but the costs are a bit high. I have a JV but it lacks sustain as the block isn't steel, I think its rolled zinc....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


a really nice neck for the Ej has been made..fingers crossed...

on its way...PERFECT !!!!! and the same year as the twotone body which is also reliced in a natural way!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 always need more Guitar Stands!

43 today..

16 march 1967 and my dna clock kicked idea when the battery runs out or needs a recharge, but 43 years later and I'm still here.
Think about all the things that can go wrong, and do go wrong for others..and considering all those crazy times, parties, drugs, stomach pumps, gigs, fags and all the rest..and I'm feeling an alright 43 year old today whose still training 6 hours a week, and still enjoying life.
The fags have nearly stopped..the booze has nearly stopped, and all the rest..however, theres still so much to see and do and get heres to another 43 years!

Oh, and the mail came thru, the guy wants the Gibson ThePaul and the Charvel snowy white is in the post..first pointy...can't wait!

Friday, March 12, 2010

And here we go again...

At the same time I'm pondering about the finish and remaining parts for the HotRod #2, I finally removed a digit to get the 8 hole relic pickguard for the rather ignored but awesome Eric Johnson 2 tone fender signature body which was my first ever dip into buying seperate body parts.
This body has had loads of different necks, pots, trems fitted , but everything was moved, removed, replaced and she ended up in the "Projects2B" pile.
If you get a chance to pick up a good deal on one of these signature bodies, do so.They are all light and really are up to CS spec. I got mine at a right price as somebody had bumped her around..I'm never really bothered about that as it doesn't effect the tone..

..what does effect the tone though is pickup choice...And here I'm left with an interesting choice. In the parts bin at the minute I have several vintage Dimarzios from around 78, a signature Malsteen dimarzio neck pup, a seymour duncan alnico 2 pup, an EJ Custom shop neck pup, and a rather original dark wired but unmarked fender pup that came out of a vintage nashville tele. I would hazard a guess this is an original 60s Fender pickup, but can't be sure.
Reckon I'll go with the Bakelite rep covers and knobs that are also in the parts bin as well as an original Bakelite ball style switchtip which I purchased along with the relic pickguard just cos it reminded me of a rugby ball.
A few parts to source and if possible I'll get the C shaped rosewood neck I have refretted and fit a Malsteen brass nut which worked out really well on my other HotRod #1 .I do have a JV trem block which could be used, but it doesn't seem to have the same sting as the Fender original.If you read earlier I measured the blocks and found out the JV, if it is indeed a JV, was lighter and we shall. This body really does deserve a good setup downstairs so to speak. If I do use the rosewood neck then I'll salvage the spare black Schallers that I have , just need to get some screw bushings and washers to complete them. So the main job is to get a refret if I don't source another vintage neck...


Pink Floyd win EMI court ruling

Pink Floyd tracks may be removed from digital music services like iTunes after a High Court ruling.
Their latest record deal, signed with EMI before legal downloads came along, said individual songs must not be sold without the band's permission.
They argued that the same rule should apply to digital sales as well as CDs.
EMI disagreed but a judge has sided with Pink Floyd. The ruling is part of a long-running battle between the two sides over £10m in unpaid royalties.
EMI said it had not yet been ordered to stop selling single Pink Floyd tracks. That may come at a later stage in the case, however.
In court, Chancellor Sir Andrew Morritt said the contract contained a clause to "preserve the artistic integrity of the albums".
He said the contract meant EMI were "not entitled to exploit recording by online distribution or by any other means other than the original album, without the consent of Pink Floyd".
The band largely avoided releasing singles during their career, instead preferring fans to listen to entire albums such as Dark Side of the Moon, which has sold more than 35 million copies around the world.

EMI has been ordered to pay £40,000 ($60,000) costs. The band were not present to hear the judgment at the High Court in London.
An EMI statement said: "Today's judgment does not require EMI to cease making Pink Floyd's catalogue available as single track downloads, and EMI continues to sell Pink Floyd's music digitally and in other formats.

"This litigation has been running for well over a year and most of its points have already been settled.
"This week's court hearing was around the interpretation of two contractual points, both linked to the digital sale of Pink Floyd's music. But there are further arguments to be heard on this and the case will go on for some time."
Earlier this week, Robert Howe QC, appearing for the group, said the the band's deal with EMI stipulated that their "seamless" albums should not be split up and that they "wanted to retain artistic control".

Elizabeth Jones QC, appearing for EMI, disagreed and said the word "record" in the band's contract "plainly applies to the physical thing - there is nothing to suggest it applies to online distribution".
“ There was a coherence in the content as an album - tracks were dropped because they didn't fit in with the whole thing ” ;Peter Jenner Former Pink Floyd manager

The issue of selling individual tracks online has been a thorny one for many artists, who want their albums to be seen as complete works. Bands also receive less money if fans pick and choose tracks instead of buying a full suite of songs.
It is believed to be one reason why The Beatles - whose catalogue is also owned by EMI - have not appeared in download stores like iTunes.
Garth Brooks and AC/DC are among the others who have objected to their albums being split up.
Peter Jenner, who managed Pink Floyd when they first signed with EMI in the 1960s, said releasing complete albums was important to the band.
"Clearly in cases like the Floyd, there was a coherence in the content as an album," he told BBC 6 Music. "Tracks were dropped because they didn't fit in with the whole thing. I think that was quite common, especially in the 70s and 80s."
Mr Jenner, now emeritus president of the International Music Managers' Forum, predicted that the ruling would be significant.
"I think it will give the artists some ammunition to get the record companies to be a bit fairer with the royalty treatment they give artists for digital work."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Hot Rod #2

More work on the latest project (TVJones tele/Birdseye fatback).
I'll load up some pics today.
Anyway, recieved a neckplate today and tried to screw the neck to the body.Now then, I have been involved in a screw snapping in a tele body previously so this time I was gonna take it real easy.The body and neck were perfectly lined up which was really positive, the neck is a really tight fit in the pocket.
The screws however started getting really tight with a few mm's to go and the heat started..I got the impression that the starting holes weren't drilled deep enough and the screws were working overtime to bite into the birdseye. I also believe that such a tight birdseye could be tougher wood than normal Maple, but could be wrong.
Anyway, after several attempts I decided to get some teak oil and dripped the screws though some oil.They went thru like a hot knife thru butter.

Then I thought I'd gather the courage to put a hole through the front of the body for the single volume pot that I've planned. This would be a case of patience. I actually started making a really small guide hole using a very small screw driver top and then used a wood screw to break through. This worked out well.
I used black tape and opened up the hole more using a larger available screw. I was still several mm's down so it was time to start looking for an even larger drill bit. I used a wood drill bit ( only by hand, mind ) and then tried out two pot sizes. Still too then I found a concrete drill bit which I used to smoothly open up the hole until I could push through an EMG 25k pot.

I lined up the volume pot with the string ferrule holes which will keep the pot right out of the way.I then got on line and decided to once again go for a 1 meg pot which I use Hot Rod #1 with the DF humbucker.
This time I've decided to go for a Dimarzio 1 meg pot.

So, the HR#2 is starting to look the business. Just have to get some tele style gold ferrules which can be sourced locally but which I will not fit until after I finish the body. The rest should be hopefully on the way across the Atlantic. Once they arrive its simply a question of bolting everything together...and then take everything apart for the finishing which is always the critical part of any project ,( obviously I'm taking it for granted the guitar will not be a pig in a poke , sounding wise or playing wise,) and having gone through the idea of staining...I'm now thinking of maybe doing a thinskin white nitro finish....from a spray can.....really thin...decisions decisions...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Whitewash from Missy GAGA

Heres a wee peculiar...lady GaGa cleared up at the British Pop awards..
Anyway, she has some catchy toons which apparently she writes herself which is apparently quite uncommon in this market where artists line up with managers to "buy" the next hit...
I reckon she will be a huge success, even bigger than she is already.Shes a hard worker and can carry a tune.
..and of course, its all live...

Hot Rod based on '27 Volvo Jakob...

its the smaller details...84 kahler brass bell knob

If you have a look at the hotrod I put together with the JVSQ body and green pickguard with the gibson dirty fingers, you'll notice the brass knob that adorned the cts 1meg volume pot has now moved back where it belonged, on the brass schecter plate on the telecaster ( which incidently is back to front as the polished brass side looked outta place on the worn out body, it works though)..
I felt the brass tele knob actually stuck out too far on this rodder, so I started looking around and found a kahler 84-88 NOS fender style brass knob which I feel will suit the lines better.
Its a small detail but one that is important if your not 100%..
On the way are a few questions so to speak..I have an aged white 8 hole 1.6 mm 57 pickguard on the way which can either move onto the schecter iroko body or used for the Eric Johnson body thats currently parked up waiting for a neck. I feel the white would suit the tangerine body and the relic guard on her just now is a 62RI so the holes don't mount up..a small detail but anyway..

The finish for the Powertron Tele has been finalised.Its gonna take time to do by hand, but I'm going for a yellow top but with black sides and back..This will require a mail to StewMac for the colortone stainers  and locally I can buy finishing lacquer.I've decided against using grain filler.
First though, drilling, sanding and swearing...

Finally..been asked to send a picture of my Black Strat for a possible swap for an 87 Tom Anderson...but I've really taken to the black relic and shes so lightweight and resonant..

Monday, March 8, 2010

cheap guitar with awesome sound example 1 late and almost forgot..

The tone of leslie West..
here is a snippet from a concert my brother mentioned to me years ago..listen to the HUGE sound when the big man comes on stage...Dean Soltero it aint, but anyways..

Hes also with the great Alvin Lee whose Woodstock performance is burned into the memory chips..if you haven't seen it you've sinned..

Sweet Home the way it was..

Ok, no porky pies here..
I worked 6 weeks down in the southern states back in '93..and on the way down to Alabama just as we drove past a large sign on the border this song came on the was odd to say the least...that remains in my mind to this day...beautiful state and an awesome song..

just have too..

having now watched around 10 different versions of this song being covered..including curtis mayfields..
Joss Stone suddenlt appeared with Beck and like suddenly finding that one set of jeans you've been looking for all day..its a the comments state...this gal has pipes..

..and of course..JB is awesome..

Following on from Mr Silvers is a woman who can sing this song rather well..

in fact...Eva C in my opinion is hard beat when it comes to my own favorite female singers voice,,

how come I missed this...

I never knew this film existed..where have I been...

fingers and even more fingers..

okay..the reason I started this thread was mainly down to the fact that I've always preffered to use fingers to play than a plectrum..I really try with the plectrums, and I've loads of different types, from jazz to heavyweights...but to me, you just can't get the same sound or feel as you can with your fingers only..

so, Jeff beck of course is pretty is yer man Mark knopfler..

Then, I hear Leslie West has only managed to use three fingers his whole I'm happy again.. usual, whilst looking thru the Tube, I found some other stuff which I have to post...enjoy..

and suddenly a randy old scotsman turns up...

Rhythm heaven and a bit more..

hahaha...and while we're on the subject of guest artists..this must have been awesome for all involved!! Page is the man!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Art thru sound...Slayers sound to b exact..

Found this nice clip on Youtube , guys built an iso box and running the same amp I have thru a 1 x 10 for recording.
Nice idea, interesting he's running it thru the 25 channel and into a 10..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Leslie West DEAN Soltero Signature

Wow ! Talk about a really beautiful design for a tone machine for the Big man of Mountain himself. As well as a signature theres also a std Soltero available for around 800 quid. In todays world I reckon its really tough to come up with something really different but at the same time classic. Its a designers dream, simple similar shape but different enough to make it an original.

todays players...

Thats what you call "dinky"...

Saturday, suns out and plus degrees so its off for a walk.
On the way back and I had a quick look in a shop for furniture and nick nack crap that the bird likes to try and get me to buy..
just on the way out and I spotted a neck sticking out of a wagon that looked destined for the rubbish bin..2 minutes later and 150kr less in the wallet..and I'm now the owner of a mini guitar...quick fix at the jack plug and a new string and we were off!