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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

random thoughts-part 1

With the classic advent of swollen glands, an ear ache and headache there isn't much else to do but stick on a Led Zepp DVD and watch class whilst drinking the remains of a bottle of Masi Campofiorin from last friday.
On top of this the remains of some Cocillana-Etyfin from 2006 and start counting the spelling mistakes.

Theres a lot to do but the motivation went with the flu, so hit the booze, the rock and the perscription morfin in a bottle and hopefully an early night in store- one can hope.

This is where the random thoughts come into play: a day of Bob Dylans "another day in the life of" kinda puts you in the mood and also an incredible mail recieved from someone based 380 kms north of Oslo who promises a date with perhaps erotik intentions..Let me explain.

As of last july I once again became seperated.same reasons as before, no reason to get into that, but suffice to say the self-esteem needed a boost so I made a choice that would end the world as I knew it, I registered myself on the infamous Spray Date. I did this following the advice of a previous ex and entered the seedy world of shallowness supreme where a picture is worth more than a thousand words and where fat and hairy men can indeed pose as models and laugh at desperate men sending desperate letters..Of course I paid the extra to become a DELUXE member, this would give me the added benefit wherein I could actually see who was coming in for a look.

Now, if your one of those people who has a picture worth a thousand words your in luck, looking at the hit lists and stats one could see several thousand visits and guestbook logins.After 4 months of Spray date my guest book has 5 logs..and I know all the people who have been charitable enough to leave a "good luck u sad bastard " message.
Cutting a long story short, I did recieve a rather strange mail from a norweigen which I answered.I have now recieved an answer to my mail and in short this has to be investigated.Scarey stuff indeed! Mention of erotic stuff, no home phone, mobile in for repair, don't write in cyberspace, write a proper letter to address attached etc...
As they say, curiosity did indeed kill the cat, but it took nine attempts. So, I have a fan who admits to have written several letters but only recieved a few answers and who wants to meet up and know where I live..Its just too irresistable to leave alone, lets just hope i'm not on my ninth life! An update will follow!

Back to random thoughts, single life when approaching the 4 0 is indeed a challenge. Looking at my past I worked out I'd been together with lassies for the past 25 years and 7 months. The only break came 7 months before I met the mother of my two wonderful children.I was 28 and she was 21.I suppose the word "rebound" comes to mind.
fashion dictates self instinct and "själv känsla" in todays society. Its an interesting setup, when was the last time you watched anything about old fashioned values of being a pigeon and mating for life with one partner? Its fashion now to be "all that" and look around for the end of the rainbow. Rumour on the street is that the ladies are as bad as the men.I find this amazing, does that mean the lassies are also enjoying the tonka toys in the sandpit?

I remember around 10 years ago somebody informed me that woman didnt actually need men anymore, they could reproduce through an artificial way.I just didn't realise then they actually meant it.We may actually be here, but to them we're actually not.They're like the Japanese, they copy something, make it cheaper and despite looking cheaper make it last longer.The only difference is the price tag is on par with europe.
Keeping in mind the "Stranger in a strange land" title of the Blogg, the differences in cultural thinking and the way men and woman think in Sweden compared to Scotland is in one part refreshing and in a second part a wee bit scarey, if your raised to believe that woman have small feet so they can get closer to the stove..I live here for the first part, as I enjoy the equality and the fight.Of course, I'm also a bad loser..I have without doubt had my opinions changed and have moved closer to being a humanist, but it makes for good reading and thinking everytime you open a door for the opposite and await either a smile or a frown, or offer to pay for lunch and recieve the same treatment.

You would think it was age related, but no.I have offered my seat several times on buses and trams only to be given the frown.Its around this point you really start understanding the culture of 0046. The reason the coldness is igloo.The reason the woman take care of the books and hand out the hobby money to their men and of course the reason the men put up and shut up, for they gave up.
So of course, it was never gonna be easy.I still haven't had a shared bank account to my deficit, I mean a scotsman handing over his account number is something you may find in Dantes "Divine Comedy" on around the ninth level..

Back to random thoughts.Single life.Here is a clue to successful single life in 2007. Drop all morals and integrity , get onboard for the trip of your life and don't be old fashioned.I actually had to argue the point last night regarding this.We're not all in the same mould and to be honest the line from "love actually" summarises it all quite well, "nobody will want to sleep with a wimp" and morefin just took over..back to the sofa and zepp from '73, "since Ive been lovin' u", madison square.

Gbg film festival then it is..

So far I've managed to avoid the film festival, but just as I got dropped off home from work due to swollon glands and a basic feel like crap attitide the phone rang and an invitation to hang out by T* couldn't be resisted.
Funnily enough my suggestion when discussing watching a film ended with "Rocky Balboa"... This was jeered at and instead a fantastic move into the 30 years jubelium film festival shall begin, hopefully this will not start with a film made with a budget of 20 pence and using the original language of Albanian,the story line based around a sheep farmer who decides to move off the hillside to downtown trailer parksville.
But who knows, one has to experience such things before one can stand up and proudly shout "that was crap"...
Ok ok, narrow minded..I just remember channel 4's attempts in the 80's to show such films. Of course we used to watch every film that had a small red triangle in the right hand corner as it garanteed soft porn, a quick flash of beaver back then was enough to get us and the gang watching a 3 hour movie promising nothing , in a foreign language from an outer mongolian state except for something undressing in an eskimo outfit revealing something that resembled the bush that spoke to Moses..
Anyway, the red triangles have since long disappeared and all I can hope is that the eskimos wont appear this evening..

update to follow

please note: no update, blown out due to glands becoming larger than savannas**

"Seasons in the abyss"

I remember always been fascinated with the concept of the painting of the "Forth rail bridge" over the Firth of Forth in Scotland. It is such a monumental effort that as soon as they've finished the job for a layer of paint they have to start all over again.
With this in mind we can now redirect this concept to rugby in Sweden.Just as soon as you feel your finished with one aspect you have to start all over again, and again and again.Of course the main difference is the fact that the painters have better teamwork by all wearing the same overalls..the classic bonding of a team argument , everybody must dress the same (c comments..)

As already mentioned my coaching abilties or lack of them have landed me the title of Förbundskapten. Some would argue this is basically down to a default as there simply wasn't anyone else at the time of Guys departure from the job. There have been many firings and hirings at National level, last count was five and all down to not really enjoying the task.Well, nobosy said painting was enjoyable.More on national level further doon the road.

With the weather being the way it is, ( and just now its debateable as to just how it is..) my 2007 season kick off started out quite well two weeks ago with some running and interval training, only to end last night with a crook left knee and a sore hammy..disappointment as I was left running in with the straglers from south africa who actually felt they were doing well.Of course, one should never compare to the worst, lets just say I wasn't last but on the otherhand my trick of doing every second sprint is being noticed...

Looks like thursdays training may be out for the count due to the knee, so I'll head off to the extension bench and see if its the medial or lateral ligament playing up..we shall see!

Should I mourn my decline with some thunderbird wine?

The countdown started of course upon conception, however now it's just around the corner and soon I'll enter in my 40's. Seems like everyone around me seem to be enjoying the fact that they are younger than me, as basically I couldn't care less.Not sure if thats a good or bad thing..

Will there be any changes once I hit the 4 0 ? Well of course, the porsche, the hair transplant, the dirty mack for the school yard. I was fortunate enough to have lost my hair at the 27 mark, having carried long hair for 16 years with teh firm belief that men should have long hair and that indeed for more centuries have had long as opposed to short. The fashion of short hair came around the same time the marketing people at elektrolux marketed white for kitchens and it stuck as being hygenic..That entire episode regarding white kitchens is a blogg within a blogg, not mentioning white for the Bogg!

Anyway, back to the question, should I mourn my decline with some thunderbird wine. Thought I'd start my Blogg off with some short facts to get the ball rolling, the mention of Thunderbird wine for a start hits the nostaligic button- not even sure if its still sold? Now that I have been living in Sweden for around 18 years the concept of explaining to people the Thunderbird "Pocket Rocket" goes down like cheap Bulgarian wine. I'm fairly convinced that those who perhaps read this intro will probably also lose the humourous side of the pocket rocket.
Of course, for those music lovers you'll pick up the line as being from Ian drurys "sweet Gene Vincent"..With the advent of Youtube hopefully people may actually have heard of the polio stricken genius.

Seems like nostalia seems to be the added bonus of being remnded around the clock that your an old git, those players around me actually showing surprise that I can keep up, and indeed produce performances that match Janet Jackson at Superbowl..(or was that at Stockholm 10s.the burst nipple, another freakish story..)

I heard a rather interesting description of myself from a friend just the other day, he had described me as a guy with the body of a 25 year old, the lungs of a 20 year old and the mental capacity of a 12 year old. I disagreed completely and mentioned that 12 was far too old. However, hearing this aint so bad!

Right back to the intro..
Age :39
Sex: yeah, well alright, male
job: paper shifter, trafficer of paperwork, however through genius have the title Project leader/project management assistant..commonly known as office boy..
Hobbies: Rugby Currently National side coach to the senior mens team here in Sweden.More about that later, including news from the abyss..

Lived in Sweden for around 18 years, have two great sons from a previous, have worked from cleaning hotel rooms to being a team leader for netops (network admin).
Storys I have..So I will update day to day,

Nice to be up here!