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Monday, November 30, 2015

Greco Custom Order 70's

Well the double neck arrived eventually.
I say that as it only took a day from japan, but 7 days at the customs due to a fuck up..

So I was happy to finally go and pick it up. And I have to say I'm more than happy with what was in the box!

I'm scoured the net to see if there are any other double necks with the same features but nothing has come up. As you can see, there are a few deviations to the norm. Apparently guitars were made at the same place Greco and Ibanez were made. That actually explains a few things.
The pickups are Ibanez super 70's. covered and uncovered. what an impressive humbucker! I did some reading about them and apparently they are unpotted and use alnico 8 for the magnets.
The positional markers on both necks are also a mystery. look class I reckon, and would rather have them like this than the std. Gibson copy. Bit more JM in these..
I haven't been able to find one other Mij double neck with the same fenderesque pickup switches in the middle scratch plate. I wonder if this was also a one-off?
Then you have the tails that are longer down the body. Apparently Jimmy page ordered his one-off EDS with this as one got better sustain. Once again, whoever ordered this back in the day knew what he/she wanted. According to the advert the necks are maple and the body Mahogany.
Finally, you have 18 Greco top end metal tulip tuners at the end of necks. quality written all over them, also high end parts and once again I can't find the same type when scouring the net.

So I reckon I found a real pearl of a double neck. I'd love to know who ordered it initially.
sounds fantastic and plays really easy. The setup is spot on.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Greco double neck

had no intentions to buy a Greco double neck lawsuit copy, but this caught my eye on the bay and I started checking it out at it's source.
As already mentioned, I don't like the idea of getting a guitar that is exactly the same as Jimmy page, or beck or any of those gurus. they could basically plug into a potato chip and make anything sound good.
I liked the fact that the pattern markers weren't the norm. I also like the separate switches for the pickups  at the rear. reading the jap site gave more info. As per the norm, this was a special order from around 77. What makes it rather rarer is the fact that most necks were bolt-ons when this was made, but this came as a set-neck. So, I think this special order was worth the money the japanese site was asking, around half of the cost on ebay....

Having looked around at Double-necks, I noticed the biggest differences with most are where the tail is in relation to the rest of the body. Jimmy Pages Gibson has the tail further down the body which apparently gives the guitar more sustain than the versions where the tails sit further up.