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Friday, July 10, 2009

marshall silver jubilee 2553

Hopefully by this time next week this 2553 50watt will be in my kitchen.
Sure, I'd love the RR 100 watter and the price is good for what you'd normally pay for a full stack,and then the '73 50 watt tremelo in the local music shop is also a nice peice of kit but..
The silver jubilee has a bit of a reputation as being one of Jims best.His favorite amp by choice as it happens. Only built in 1987.
The 50 has the same as the 100watt but is smaller in size and made for a smaller 2 x 12 as shown.Apparently gives out a warmer sound than the 100.
To be honest the 100's would be okay if I was out and about on a regular basis and trying to cut through a mix, but I'm not, so to push the 50 (which is only 20% less loud as the 100) is enough.
As you can push two cabs out the back maybe a mesa added to boost the bass may be eventual.

Now I just have to hope the guy reads his mail and I can collect.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


With the Marshall 30watt solid state you get enough sound , no worries..

But now I've been offered a great deal on a Randy Rhoads Signature full stack ...must have..

been a long time since,,,etc...

plus ca change...or not as the case may be.

Heat wave in Sweden is great at the moment, shame then that I've had to lock the door and hide in the shade due to some chernoybl influensa thats knocked me out for the past three days..
Even playing the guitars is a struggle..
Boyz are down for the summer, with one out sailing for a week and the other sharing his time between pc and guitar..hes come on great and managed to get purple haze nailed from tab on the hes moved on to the burning lamp and morley wah wah and tubescreamer..

they'll be no more guitars for a while.Now I'm looking at getting a 05 gasgas 450 fse to use the motor as a donater for the blown supermotard 450. Should be an interesting mix n match with the 05 engine with improved updates.Can't wait to get back on the road.

Then there was AC/DC at Ullevi. Sold out in around 30 minutes and they kinda went through the motions of expectation.Impresive for their age and the sound was as expected.
The fact that they flew in from copenhagen and out straight away kinda shows their status.
Worth watching of course, but you kinda miss the smaller venues from the 80s when sold out was 3500 people.

Friday night and its BBking at the local kids disco. Same place that Bonamassa played and who was simply awesome. I'll update once I've been down and watched one of the last King of the Blues.