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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

nearly there...just a few headaches...

It's late. I've been working on the project and I'm at the point that we're getting close to start up...however, and theres always a however, a few minor questions are in the notebook..
Once again since it was stolen recovered I'm still finding parts that need replaced..pure pain in the ass...amazing what one spill can do to a mint at the moment I'm sourcing a new pipe for the water hose extension that runs left stage , which was crushed when she went down the road..then theres the engine drive nut that needs replaced after I had to wreck it to get it off...then theres the chain that will need to be split , re-run and then have another split link put in..always a pure pain in the ass imo..
...then we have the fact that the battery...which was apparently renewed when i purchased the bike..wasn't...
so, despite buying a trickle charger, it spat the dummy and flashed a green light which, according to its mini manual, meant that the battery was in such a bad way it was beyond help from this new , superb, charger..bollox!
but last..but not least...(cue drum role..)"the pink wire".
Thats right.A pink wire with a block connector fitting that is black taped to another wire which, like the program "lost", shouldn't exist. The cable its taped to is a thick red/white cable which has an eyelet fitment to the positive side of the battery..this is not to be found anywhere on the factory wiring harness..I mean, come on, a live positive wire being fed into a block connector into the CDI ??? and, taped to this..a pink wire which has a factory attachment connector that was meant to be in a block connector..but isn't anywhere on the J/K factory wiring diagram..I have read something about a pink wire in the M series CDI..see below

After many hours of WWW investigation, this was found.It's a K CDI Ignitor with an M wiring harness???
So, the question is this.When I picked up the bike from the gutter, it was on.The lights were on and it had been working. So, unless somebody has deliberatly been mucking about with the bike in storage..the set up with the pink wire and the live wire apparently it to live or a neagative?

new battery will be sourced and hopefully we'll have "houston, we have started started countdown for take-off"...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Me like...

Oh big fan of Marc Rizzo recently! had never heard of this guy until somebody tipped me to listen to Cavalera Conspiracy and from there I listened to his solo projects.
I'm sure this guy won't be popular perhaps with the purists, but I'm loving it! Specially this track, the energy is HUGE goin' on in the background and rhythms with his backtrack guitar and the bass and drums.
7 string signature guitar nowadays which probably helps..

It's great that there are some guitarists who are sticking out like Marc and dare I say it, Buckethead who I also rate highly despite his rather odd quims....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trying to improve to find that Iommi tone..

Just unpacked and fitted some rather awesome 70's schaller mini tuners to the 61 gibson melody maker which as you can see is fitted with a custom pickguard which encloses some new electrics and two original 70s Gibson mini humbuckers.
Due to the age and size of the 61, it weighs sweet fa and pushed through an amp sounds awesome..
However...I'm thinking of changing out the bridge pickup for something hotter..
Now, obviously everybody loves the sound of Iommis JD/ John Birch SG..however these cost a fortune and just as it happens are pretty much based on his original 65 SG special which he then modified with a John Birch neck mini pup and kept the P90 in the bridge. Thats right, he had p90s which he didn't really like due to the hum..
bad news is that to find a John Birch original mini is nigh on impossible.
I'm really happy with the original vintage Gibbo mini in the neck, so thats staying put.
There are several companies selling hotter mini humbuckers.Seymour duncan, Dimarzio and another company I've found in England called gemini pickups who have something called the Mountain Queen mini humbucker which they claim has a resistance of around 14/15 K. Sounds interesting...
Not really sure I like moving towards ceramic magnets and of course Iommis being resin potted and not wax apparently made a difference..Hus did have two blades however working off the bottom magnet and the full size buckers had a resistance of 21k..however I can't believe his mini P90 replacement put out that much..I'll probably stick with the concept of an alnico V.That means it's a battle between the SD SM-3B or the Mountain Queen..
But now of course, just as minds are being made up, I'm toying with the idea of copying Tony and fitting a hot P90 into the bridge which SD do with a ceramic magnet..however...we shall see..gemini also make P90's..