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Friday, December 27, 2013

Fiberglass fitting session

 having fitted up the required stainless nut's and bolts, I decided to have a go at fitting the fiberglass.
Went on quite quickly and fuss free .
Alloy fixtures were added and I made the holes into the fiberglass by hand using a hand drill and a 6/8/10 mm spade bits.

Xmas time is quality time

jeez, it would have been so much easier to keep the bike as an out and out road racer...but that was then..
Since then, I've had to source parts to make sure she'll become a legitimate street bike with race parts.
Obviously this is made slightly harder by the fact that they didn't make that many...and those they did were usually raced...
So finally we're on the final furlong and there is an end in sight..

the rear end has now the extra bracket for the original mudguard, rear light number plate holder. That's cleaned up the wiring setup quite nicely and now it's only a bracket required to finish off the rear. Obviously it's a pain in the ass to find this small bracket that acts as a holding bracket for the flasher relays etc...but has been sourced, unfortunately at silly prices..
Amongst the mess I managed to find the alloy bracket that goes across the top of the battery and holds the seat off the battery unit.

Ohlins reservoir holding bracket is on, as well as those amazingly turned rear alloy seat bolts. You can see the YEC frame strengtheners which seem fairly over the top.
harris box is fitted up and is basically empty and basically the feeding pen for the keihin FCR 39' filters..just wire mesh to stop rocks getting sucked in.. Top frame fairing mount was also sourced and fitted as well as the original clocks and funny lights bracket which has had swap-overs of the tacho and gauge that came with the racer. Still to source a speedo...maybe decide to use a digital speedo which means I could use the front Marvic without having to muck around with wheel changes...I have a front wheel that came with the bike, so still undecided...all down to finding a KM/H speedo.
Finally the wiring up front is complete except for the speedo of course, but otherwise the water temp sensors are all connected and finally, with the addition of the original radiator, the fan is coupled up.

Tomorrow and there is a short list to shop which includes some stainless bolts to fit the front headlight and the front frame stay.
Also fitted the new alloy fairing stays for the sides, but due to some previous work that seems to have changed the original set-up, there's a bit of juggling to set them up right.

last but not least and soon fitted, will be the full fairing.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Eve and she'll be almost there...

Postman ringed the doorbell today and delivered one of the final parts required to fit up the original radiator and fan unit.
I decided to get these parts as the pipe that came with the bike was in very poor condition , so thought it would be the best way forwards.

So today the plan is to fix up the radiator and auxiliaries as well as finish off the routing of the wiring at the rear. At the same time fit up the clocks and new fairing mounting brackets that came last week.

Once that is done it will be a case of fitting up the full fairing, drilling the holes and then sending off to get painted.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Still on the road...

Winter weather hasn't kicked in yet despite the fact that your lucky to catch any sun as it's "shortest days of the year" time..
The other day it was 8 degrees and frikken pissing down with obviously I thought it was a good enough excuse to get the Ducati out for a wee trip...
Let's just say it was greasy and more importantly, the OKG helmet was fucking useless in the conditions..not sure why, but a sniff of rain and I can't see anything..visor mists up with ventilation open or otherwise..actually verging on the dangerous level..So next year will have to be an aria or similar as I can't be driving blind every time it rains!

Dubai 2013 Rugby Sevens...

With the Scandinavian winter kicking in I almost forgot to mention that just a few weeks ago I was down in Dubai with a squad of players in the Dubai Sevens rugby tournament. We were there in 2012 so we knew what to expect and we weren't disappointed. Awesome weather, awesome tournament and we finished in a respectable position. Obviously I was there as a coach as my playing days are over, but the satisfaction was there anyway (although you can never beat playing the game as opposed to coaching it...)

Yamaha Ow01 nearing completion

No updates for a while. been busy and indeed waiting for parts to arrive.

The OW01 is nearing completion as a bike that can be used on the road as opposed to only the track.
I've manage to source quite a few original parts second hand which has assisted the cause. I also went with a stock radiator as opposed to the full race systems I have.
The works engine was removed and will have to be rebuilt.
Instead a YZF 4H engine has been dropped in with me retaining the OW01 sump, race pipe, Harris airbox and FCR's.
Most of the work has gone into adding a complete wiring harness and all the parts required to make her street legal. She still wears Magnesium Dymags as well as a larger Harris Endurance alloy tank.

Once all the boring parts are fitted , the last part will be a replacement fairing that will be drilled and filled, painted and fitted.

Will update with pix once the parts have arrived.

I did like these fairing holders that were advertised on ebay. Gets rid of the tacky metal OEM parts.

Once she's finished , the work will then continue with the build of the ZXR750R.
Still haven't got over some bastard nicking have a bunch of parts to put together to build a race bike ZXR750R....

Monday, November 11, 2013

Two peices of the Jigsaw puzzle...

The Yamaha is being getting the final parts required to make it road legal.

Two key parts are still required and hopefully by the end of this week I'll have the parts.

The bike will be far from stock, and will retain the Harris air box for the flat slides, as well as the Dymags. Although I may swap out the front for the original front wheel in-order to fit the speedo drive. But we shall see. I'm also taking the easy way out with regards the radiator as despite having two radiators at the moment, for the road bike I feel it would be easier to fit an original set-up with fan.

Think that would only have indicators and mirrors as the final parts on the shopping list...

The plan is to retain the Harris alloy tank and buy the Lucky Strike GP sticker set to complete:-

Friday, November 8, 2013

one of the faves..


took out one of my favourite builds yesterday and still loving it! I've never seen another Iroko wood bodied schecter out there, I'm sure they exist, just haven't seen one. Mixed with a reverse-head neck and FATBOY vintage plastic, she's a cracker I reckon.
And yes, I know the lampshade has to go...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Some things just bug me..

So, initially it took me months to find an original OW01 seat.
Then, another huge amount of effort and too much cash, had me an airtech foam seat and replica bolts for the rear seat unit..
But when it was pearl...not white...and that has bugged me ever since..

So: had to be done:

found in Japan. Right colour and complete.

Friday, November 1, 2013

adding parts to OW project

found this rather used and abused set up, perfect to finish off the front as I never had a bracket or idiot lights. I'll replace the speedo with a KM/H speedo I have that I bought for the ZXR.

These came up as well, so all I have to do is get the rear Öhlins serviced and then put it all back as it should be.

really happy about finding the parts at a fraction of the cost of what you'd expect.