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Monday, March 8, 2010

fingers and even more fingers..

okay..the reason I started this thread was mainly down to the fact that I've always preffered to use fingers to play than a plectrum..I really try with the plectrums, and I've loads of different types, from jazz to heavyweights...but to me, you just can't get the same sound or feel as you can with your fingers only..

so, Jeff beck of course is pretty is yer man Mark knopfler..

Then, I hear Leslie West has only managed to use three fingers his whole I'm happy again.. usual, whilst looking thru the Tube, I found some other stuff which I have to post...enjoy..

and suddenly a randy old scotsman turns up...

Rhythm heaven and a bit more..

hahaha...and while we're on the subject of guest artists..this must have been awesome for all involved!! Page is the man!

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