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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

..and why not...

found this tab / music book from Japan.
Basically its got Bron-yr-aur tabbed which is my fav song, as well as the usual favorites like Kashmir and Stairway, rock n roll etc.. Apparently the Japanese tab books are high quality.
We shall see. I believe the guitar he is using is his 73 Les Paul Standard.


lynyrd skynyrd live at freedom hall

As I was listening to Blackberry Smoke to see if it was a band I would enjoy, I came across the fact that the remnants of the Skynyrd had released a live record from 2007 which still had some of the older members playing for them prior to their deaths in 2009.
Now, we all know that basically only Rossington is the only member left from those original members who have gone through the death toll, however, I'm still a huge fan of Ricky Medlocke who moved from Blackfoot to the legendary band, and to have Rossington and Medlocke together is just a bonus.
Almost a tribute band but still with the rights to cover the originals and come over as being the original band imo, this live recording is a must for any fan, specially if you like the fact that the sound recording is up there and your tired, as I am, of listening to the older recordings from the originals.
Great songs, great musicians and probably the most important band to come out of the Southern states.

Majorna Republik....

I have the greatest of pleasure of heading through Hell ditch, aka majorna, on the way to Klippan everyday to work.Sometimes the stench of piss is engulfing as the crowd of "Faktums" celebrate the opening of their holy Vodka church, aka systembolaget.I would wager a bottle of heineken that not even the great drink can  refresh those parts that they keep dirty and that they never feed the dogs which entails them to a greater allowance of money for more...well, obviously not heineken..
I know people who claim that Majorna represents "Goa Göttaborgggg"...well, may God help us and shave us....
yesterday as I was making my way through the mine field of used needles and empty bottles, I suddenly stopped to see the following which did actually have me laughing out loud in the middle of the trenches...obviously humour is still persistent in the så kallad "Majorna republik"..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Plasmatics and a HUGE song from 82!

Think I fancied this woman back in the day...whisky voice an all!

Think I know why she was the woman everybody wanted when I was a young buck...

One of the Best Southern Rock Bands!

Blackfoot of course! I was fortunate enough to see them at castle donnington in 81 and then a front row ticket for their concert at the Edinburgh Playhouse in 82. Simply amazing singing and of course if your into the huge guitar solos then Highway song ended their show which was awesome!
Lead singer only had one lung, which is surprising when you hear his howling!
Somewhere in Scotland I have a black/white picture which I took and developed myself of the band, back in the day where you didn't have digital cameras, mobile phones or computers to share!

Finally she works..

Its been a while since I bought a cts 500 pot from the fuzz guitar show, and finally got the finger out and replaced the 1 meg pot I had in the fossil tele. So , expecting grander things from the Powertron Bridge plus, especially now I fitted 3 extra earthing points and some buzz proofing in the hotdog route.
fatback birdseye neck, light weight body and a great sounding and playing machine, imo!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Best Bootleg but at the same time worst cover award?

So much music out there you can't ever really have just one type, but you can have an extreme fondness of one type, and despite sometimes forgetting now and again It always switches back to the day when I listen to any Southern Rock. Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot or Georgia Satellites, doesn't matter, they're all magic.
Maybe its down to the fact that they never really got into the Floyd Rose but preffered old school and as many guitars they could manage on the stage!
Then of course they had they're southern chord patterns to rely on and play over the top, have a craic and just look at the tab of Molly Hatchets "Gator County" , 3 guitars all playing different harmonies...
"Astral Game" is a very rare bootleg released a while ago and it took me 20 years to actually find..but trust me, its fucking immense!!!! Still will never understand the front cover...think it was burned up in Italy, maybe thats why...a Chewbakka chasing two sci-fi people aint really a good representation of Molly Hatchet live at the Lakeland with Jimmy farrer leading what is believed to be one of their best live recordings ever...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trust me, you'll piss your pants...

Caught the movie "Tropic Thunder" whilst I was in Dubai..
This made me cry with laughter and still does...

Hendrix of Bass?

here is the hendrix of Bass, Bootsy Collins...
Sounds like he's using a harmonix BassBalls as I have at home with a Harmonix little Big Muff PIE...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beauty and the Burst

Its a book I would have bought even if I hadn't managed to buy the R9, but just the other day a mate took out his copy and gave me a glance through and I realised I had to have my own copy for the coffee table.

Grandad Begbie

Knew his football and when my Grandmother was alive I recieved one of his medals.
Obviously his genes went amiss but it's kinda funny to try hard with the game of football.

football...okay...but Rugby...well...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pics of the day

no need to write whose amp and guitars are...
and here is the guy that a lot of guitarist had a look at and copied his style..

World Cup, division 6 , Rugby 7's and a couple of tinnies...

Been a whirlwind weekend which started with a Rugby tournement on saturday which ended up with me refing a few games and watch my local club win their respective district championships, then it was straight home ( fortunatly the rain stopped a while during the day) , pack some beer and pasta, put the R9 into her case and head down to watch the Argentina - Nigeria match at Silvers.
Obviously the football could wait as he had a shot on the Gibbo and I once again had a chance to listen to some of his new songs at demo level. Outstanding and of course envious one can't just write a tune and record to that level in your bedroom. Think the tunes will be a huge success and I'm eager to follow the projects, including the willingness to loan him the 59 for any backing rhythms required!
Football and some listening to different styles of music ended with a rather interesting check mate and Mr Vai came in with his angular playing style and HUGE sound , going head to head to Joe Satriani and "souls of distortion"...this was interspersed with Deacon blue, The Magic numbers and a host of other styles of music. Good times indeed!

The evening ended in an English pub listening to fans of England chatting "we're shit, and we know we are" as I had a chat about the usual pish...

Sunday morning always starts slow for me, this was no difference and by the time I noticed the time I was packed and walking down to the football club with the info in my phone that I would be starting in the away game against Nol. Oh , not right wing....
suffice to say my legs are now shagged and I'm feeling my 43 years! Its awesome to sit and play some patterns on the Gibson, just dont get tired of the sound unplugged...

Friday, June 11, 2010

DG Full Version

Somebody out there has kindly put up a more full version of Sleepwalk by the man..
Check out just how many variations and styles he's playing here..
His sound came from not only the bardens, but also a 1 meg pot and of course his pickin style after years of banjo pickin and country licks..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

..this makes me ashamed to say I'm British....

And it took a Scottish Prime Minister to finally , after many legal battles and time make me proud that at least the Braver of the Brave were at last allowed to settle.

(Apparently my Grandfather fought in a Gurkha Regiment in Burma during the WWII)

driftin' n kicking...

been a strange week...then just as you think things can get stranger you click onto "kungskapskanal" and read subs for an hour about people who fought for the vietcong against the USA...makes you think...these people fought for their land and beliefs...nice old woman just explaining how they used to set the mines to click off when flowers were picked, as the Americans like to pick the nice flowers...certainly weren't stupid anyway..Charlie that is..
300 times more bombs were dropped by the B-52s et al than all the bombs in WWII. Napalm and your average 3 tonner..and for what?
Whats is slightly worrying, is that World Police USA are still playing catchup and trying to win a war...well, I suppose they did the job at desert storm, but at the same time all the serious shit like laying the lazer targets was done by the SAS and all the low fly bombing by the RAF..The US marines probably still playing baseball in a desert swamp somewhere waiting for a ration of ciggs and bud lite...

Anyway, yes..what was I rambling sister tomorrow collects a medal from Her Royal Highness the Queen after doing 3 tours of Duty in Afghan territory...I was meant to head over but due to complications couldn't make it, which is sad but we seem to have serious issues at home with kidneys.

So far this week I'm considering a contract with a local football team that have their club just down the road which hopefully become a local Marshall stack home..

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thats another fine weekend over...

...or maybe not...
Sports wise its been an up and down affair..
Friday evening and the team I assist in football lose 4-3 at the death of the game and the shit hits the fan as its does..that after a trip to the hospital in the morning as de birds kidneys decided to get inflamed..
saturday I was meant to be on a bus to Hammarby via Norrköping but I decided to stay with the missus to show support as the wee lassie wasn't well and really didn't need to be alone..
The team I coach won 84 nil and the mens team that I'm hoping to see get through a bad period fell with the same amount..So, its not happy days at all..

Otherwise the sun has been out and its been Green day playing at Ullevi which I managed to miss but heard through the living room window. As usual the reviews were very good for what is in effect, a band who listened to a lot of Stiff Little Fingers and rereleased the same chords with some eye make up..SLF would never have worn eye shadow for fear of a flying half niddrie..

And then the evenings have still been minutes and hours of sheer amazement at the R9 which is just an amazing instrument, plugged in or not..BUT..when it gets plugged into a Marshall and you click the footswitch for gain...words cannot explain..sheer poetry in motion...cliche indeed...Gibson and Marshall, perfect harmony..and you don't need to be a master of the stringed beast to enjoy power chords.. amazing..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 dweebs and a Master..

and to finish off...something simple that ties in local hero...

Local Hero Theme

Great film about the north of Scotland, if you haven't seen it I can recommend.
Film made even better by this wee tune that was written by Knopfler and is on my "must learn" list alongside "bron-yr-aur".
First time I've seen him play this on a Les Paul as well...

so, as I never get tired of him playing it, here we go again but with a different guitar, schecter I believe?