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Friday, March 26, 2010

Gotta be right.......

What? The EJ 57/62 relic, thats what.
The body that has had more necks and parts on it than any other is now is perfect unison with the newly arrived neck that somebody decided to relic, but not too much. Once again the quality of parts could be summarised as the heel fitted the body and stayed in place without the need of screws.A perfect fit.

So, with reliced bushings and tree, looks like a set of Gotoh reliced tuners from fatboy will slot in.
The single ply aged guard will go with the bakelite knobs and covers that are also aged and due to the nature of the beast I have decided to slot the Custom shop '59 thinskins from the Schecter custom shop Iroko Tangerine, and put a rather special set into the schecter which I think will work well.These will be vintage Dimarzio HS3 (Malsteen) in the middle pup, a vintage Dimarzio FS-1 in the bridge and quite possibly the EJ neck pickup where it should fit, in the neck. The EJ relic will really suit the 59s with the Q/sawn maple neck and alder lightweight body.

So, details, and what makes or breaks. The EJ signature is special in the way it doesn't have a backplate, so you don't want a nice shiny trem block set up and too shiny things in the back..or front.At the same time EJ was specific in the way he wanted a 54 block as the holes are drilled shallow, which leaves more mass for sustain.So here is the answer, a 54 relic block and bridge top which will get a set of saddles I have already from 82.

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