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Sunday, July 20, 2008

roadworks on the pathways?

Once again the clowds prepare for battle,
the weekend is a mismatch of what to do's,
and the end result are too many wee small hours in front of the Powerwindow.

Seems like there is a crossing and it's time to really make some decisions.Boring...
A great new fridge magnet, " a clean house is the result of a wasted life" true is that?
I kinda realised why the writing stopped for a while, my creative mind can't cope with bling plong guitar plucking AND spreading the words on the word processor...just don't seem to have enough hours to do both , or perhaps motivation...however, there are always reasons and one must live in the present and not the past nor future..

I feel we discover for every day that goes by what things are important and less..hence the fact that the more years you've been around the more you have upstairs to being down in an old box and empty into a conversation...this is what makes the "wannabgrownups" quite amusing as they haven't got...they're a large box of packing cubes trying to be a fridge..different weight.

Trinidad and Tobago.I saw a pic of some people on facebook with the comment" looks like a dream". So I suddenly decided this is where I will go as soon as I fill in the statuate paperwork for my dreams to be a reality, what we who don't only live the dream but work as well.Seems like the priority of visiting foreign lands stopped when I moved to this one..strange really, just not so high about paying so much to visit a culture on show for tourists..although...I have to say the Himalayas would be somewhere I'd like to go..

which reminds me..must go

Thursday, July 10, 2008

hej upp

Well well well…

Its been a while…there have been drafts written but never published…suppose there are always hollow vanitys attached as to why…possibly due to me not really knowing if I wanted to write some of the “white paper" stuff

Not so much has been happening…much.As usual it’s a (life that is) a whole bag a nuts and bolts, trouble is they're all imperial and your looking for a metric..

This week has been heavily influenced by music for nce as opposed to Rugby which seems to devour way too much time compared to the pay back which is usually some frikken muppet making some worthless point as they were either too spoilt or not spoilt enough at childhood...this is the way when being a ..."leader"...
..hence the retreat back to the music and sound..for that is what its about when not an accomplished player..and what sounds..4 guitars rent space in my livingroom nowadays, each one with its own history, woodgrain and tuning.Despite the puny microcube I have now managed to persuade my wallet to part with the green bucks to buy a tascam GTI which means I can go out amongst the brds and the bees and playaway..

Last night I took a walk down to the local Kindergarden Disco to watch the mighty Ted Nugent playing. Having been a fan for the past 28 years it was a culture shock to watch so few people turn up on a Wednesday evening to watch THE master of a Gibson Byrdland playing some genuine rock'n roll Nugent style. the man is special with his hunting and NRA connections, but what the hell he still has what it takes..
Next week and a new inigma comes to the same Kindergarden Disco, Yngwie Malsteen.He kinda encapulates the Swede in the fact that he is technically one of the best in the world but at the same time simply does not know how to carry it across.His music and guitar solo's are technically brilliant but cold, leaving no feeling or passion with any note. SRV, BB or even Nugent, in my opinion, blow him away.As once quoted to Mozart...."too many notes.."

De facto is that the time n’ space between the notes is as important as anything else. Pretty much with everything else I suppose, its all about timing..

As the South will Rise again, I’m ehading back to scotland for one night of being very spoilt with a small club gig with two of my fav of all time bands taking the stage as a warm up, Molly Hatchet and Blackfoot play the Liquid Room which ironically used to be the Music Box, my old haunting place pre-sweden move as a guitar tech for my cousin..who in turn is ending a 25 year spate in his RocknRoll band and will be heading to Spain for a project that has managed to catch a lot of its all happening in July and holidays haven’t even started!

Ruggers continues but is on holiday until August 2nd. This year has been tough with no gym due to some weirdo problem I have in my right hand side…lack of training is making me worried about the third years Pacific Masters pledge, which fly back too on saturday from Glasgow to Stockholm…planning is later than usual and I simply hope I can get from Skavsta into Stockholm for a decent time and find a crash..With two wins in a row for the Masters the pressure is on.
I was gonna head down to the beach ruggers this weekend in Halmstad but instead I will finally have the time required to remove the bearings from the GasGas block and start looking at putting the SuperRetard back together.As usual I've left it way too late which as Zepp said, is "the song remains the same"..

Well, I’ll sign off and write again as soon as I know which pathway is open as the rest are closed due to roadworks…