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Monday, March 8, 2010

just have too..

having now watched around 10 different versions of this song being covered..including curtis mayfields..
Joss Stone suddenlt appeared with Beck and like suddenly finding that one set of jeans you've been looking for all day..its a the comments state...this gal has pipes..

..and of course..JB is awesome..

Following on from Mr Silvers is a woman who can sing this song rather well..

in fact...Eva C in my opinion is hard beat when it comes to my own favorite female singers voice,,


"Gonzo" said...

Thomas Silver said...


Thomas Silver said...

not to slag the girl off but she sings thru her..i dont know what? check out Dionne Warwick, Pat Kelly, The Meters, Seal, but most important...Aretha Franklin. if she was 22 and beautiful today Joss would be flipping burgers, like me!
Give me a call dude.

"Gonzo" said...

well I like it anyway..
I say, wouldn't it be cool if you and the wife covered this song?
You'd obviously have to use a guitar with some tone and 90% of your jap rocketships would have to be put aside...But I reckon that would be cool! get your studio working, the Silvers version would be awesome!