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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On their way....

Vintage 1960's-70's Gibson "T-Top" PAT Number Humbuckers.
My early 70s Gibson les Paul Custom is about to recieve a change in pups.
The dirty fingers has done great work in the tail and the one off in the neck is also an awesome pup which is a rewired gibson 57 classic which has been turned into a 4 conductor and puts out 8,5.
However, when these pups came up for sale with worn off gold etcc. I simply had to get them and make her original again.
Pics will be posted once they're in.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heres a Find from Oz

Rightiho, when I was looking around the Web for any info at all about the headless Bantam I came across a forum where somebody was asking questions for more info about the guitar.

followed this up and here is a pic of Songirls White Washburn Bantam which was previously owned by the lead singer of Simple Minds and sold off locally after a tour collapsed.

Danny Gatton

Ok, you've probably already heard of DG and I'm the last on the block to have heard him.
Well, the telemaster certainly deserved his name.
The way I found out about this guy was through the telecaster that I have now aquired which is basically brought that name up.
Listen to this guy play, watch him showing finger picking and admire his ability to fuse country, jazz and blues altogether.
Unfortunatly Danny took his life at the age of 49 years old despite his breakthrough at 45 years old.

So she arrived...

...the washburn bantam that is.
Now then, I did have high expectations on this guitar and I have to say I'm not let down whatsoever! What a great piece of kit, great weight and finish and a fantastic neck with medium jumbo frets.
Even the pups are impressive.I've never had a Washburn.Great stuff! I haven't removed the back cover as yet but I believe these are passive pups and not active as I've read previously.
New DR strings are now installed (11's) and the fretboard was cleaned up and nut glued firmly into place.
I'll post some pics asap.

Monday, April 6, 2009

5 oclock alarm call

One of the problems with ebay is having to set the alarm to get up for the last minute of bidding.
Having lost a Hondo Lazer last week once the price went past $605 I decided to make sure I wouldn't lose this Washburn bantam.
This time I'd done my homework.
Now, back in the early 80s, a Hondo Lazer would set you back $399.
This Washburn would have set you back $999 ! Solid Alder body with a maple neck may be the answer, as well as active pickups and an altogether better made guitar I fancy! Three times the price, well there must be something in it. Of course, made in japan is always better than made in Korea, as the Hondo was.
I'm really happy I won the auction with a price that was under half of what I was bidding on the Hondo.
I mean to say, a brand new Hohner GT3 will set you back $699, and you can forget about the Steinberger Spirit which the Hohner out classes.
Not much written about these guitars on the net, I did find a price list from 84 and some information at a website.
I can't wait now, by all accounts this little beauty is gonna sing!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Project Heritage is finished

The Heritage has gone through some different stages and at the end I decided the best way to fit the empty shell of the HCM140 was to add some new Zakk Wylde EMG Active pickups and a booster switch (from Kerry Kings (slayer fame) setup adding 20dbs boost) and a coilsplit.The micro switches dont look so bad .
The flame on this solid mahogany and maple top is stunning and actually changes when looked at from different angles.words and even pictures cannot describe how nice the finish is.
The pickup covers are Gibson Historic as are the tone and volume dials.The tuners are spezials I think and are smaller than grovers which I think looks nicer than the std Heritages.
Pearl markers in a rosewood neck with medium frets and all this from an unused 88 body.
Behind the rear cover are 2 15V batteries to charge the active pups plus the booster switch.Enough wiring to light up Blackpool but it works.
The carve on the maple top is amazing.These guitars are so under rated.
Only one part missing and thats a trussrod cover.
Neck is so fast and is a medium size.
Great guitar.

Travelling requires assistance...

So by all accounts I will be travelling quite a bit and to be honest I really missed playing. Coming back I'd actually forgotten where I was in my learning process.

So, here is an Erlewine Lazer and unfortunatly its beyond my budget at the moment, running a tab of around 3000 dollars and hard as to find second hand.

Johnny Winter puts one to good use.

So, moving down the scale I missed a Hondo copy of the Lazer which would have been great, but that went.

Not really in the hunt for a Steinberger Spirit, the Hohner GT3 would be a better option.

However, there is a rather odd looking Washburn, called the Bantam, made in japan in 85 and quite rare which I have my eyes on. The positives are that you do not require double ended ball strings if something goes wrong, so maybe tomorrow I'll have the guitar.
Looks like it would survive the bus trips with the rugby team as well as the trips that are on the way.