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Sunday, March 28, 2010


So this weekend saw the EJ Relic get the treatment with 59 thinskins and some 54 plastic in the shaped of rounded pup covers and knobs from the same era. Important that this one is mostly 50's parts imo. My favorite part which really adds authenticity is the 5 switch ( which could even be a 3 way to keep its 50s) football bakelite switch tip which is a really small but cool addition. fact that it looks like a rugby ball makes it a "must have" item.
The electrics are wired as a "no load" pot for all pups and the bottom tone pot is a neck and bridge blender pot. The cap is a vintage oil cap reissue.

The relic 54 trem block is on the way as well as some relic parts which are important when you don't have a cover on the back, some aged springs and claw with bolts to go with the relic trem block. Up top and some GOTOH 50's vintage tuners.

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