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Monday, March 22, 2010

No Movement

God I hate waiting for parts...
So far I have several small packets that should arrive asap, however the shops that send things from the US and UK sometimes ensure they make a profit on the postage and strap the gear to a frikken pidgeon...
So, still awaiting the Dimarzio 1 meg pot...and a solid brass strat volume knob..
Then the TVJones company thanked me for my purchase and then mentioned the parts were so new they were still at the platers and may take a week...or "so"...
1 powertron bridge plus and bridge on the way then..
I can't move on the finish until everything is fitted and marked up.
Then the shellac is purchased and we're really to plug'n play..

Then of course the Charvel San Dimas 2H Nos snowy white should arrive any day. I'm informed it was sent on friday so I'm pretty excited at getting the guitar.
At the moment my Schecter necked 62RI is out on loan which is always something I think about.Always a worry. The pups that I purchased way back and posted info right here on the site, are simply the best I've heard. To be fair the '59 thinskins are really good as well, but the SRV59 sliders are awesome and I'm been in contact with the man , asking if he can build me some Classic 57s without the reverse wound in the middle, as I feel the EJ project would really suit these pups.
Pots wise and I really like the sound of the bridge coupled up with the neck for a telecaster set up on a strat, leaving the tone for the middle pup void. Its an easy set up and well recommended.
I already know I'm gonna be really happy with the EJ project. The body was the first fender body that I purchased from Ebay and its such a nice cutback 57 lightweight body which has been reliced naturally, as its seen various necks on it. I always thought it would be great to put a reliced maple neck on it, but didn't think there would be anyone out there who would actually relic an EJ neck. So to find one and get it just shows that sometimes it's worth waiting for the right parts! I need a good trem setup and some relic tuners as well as a set of 57 classics. I have found a 60's heavy relic customshop trem but the costs are a bit high. I have a JV but it lacks sustain as the block isn't steel, I think its rolled zinc....

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