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Friday, July 29, 2011

Project RED

Bodywork is all carbon mix ,Afam chain and sprockets with spare chain and sprockets ,Race Kit Cams ,Gas flowed head, Race Kit gearbox ,Race kit pistons ,Knife edge crank and bull nosed but rusty, titanium con rods ,Race kit cdi ,Race kit breather ,Flatslide carbs ,Race kit Airbox ,Race kit Radiator,Race kit frame,Dymag Wheels,Race kit Exhaust full system, Spare front wheel with discs,Extreme tech steering damper speed sensative ,Original WP steering damper ,Ohlins rear shock with hydralic preload adjuster but taken off the shock.Spare body work with 2 spare belly pans and other parts in a box also spare crank cases.....

Not this one....

But one of the original OW01's that made it to the UK...
phone call's been made.Basically a complete factory engine that never got put back together and requires some  work, but just to keep things ticking along , a YZF750 engine is fitted, together with the kit airbox, full exhaust and flatslides.

Suffice to say I'm interested....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A cacophony of megaphonitis!

Anoraks of Sound need only watch and gotta be a petrol head to understand, me thinks..

Bark...of the MV!

gotta love that bark!

and the best to last..the 6 cylinder..

Honda thought they'd copy and have a shot..

Honda went insane with the amount of cylinders and cubic capacity...sounds good though

Current builds..

Things been moving since my last attempted update which ended on the scrap pile.
..basically it's been musical chairs since the inception of the RED project.
The main problem I have is that I really don't like going half way on projects.
I found a great body for the project neck but it was an American Standard trem setup and had a "swimming pool" route...okay, that may actually sound awesome AND the body was real light, running in at 3,6lbs..
But, at the same time, it's a schecter neck and I do have a red / tangerine Schecter  body running in at 3,5lbs   with a relic pickguard setup. So Red will be that.
At the same time, I finally put the Relic 77 stratocaster hardtail together. I've had her parts on a lighter 76 body but felt she deserved to be put back together despite the 70's heavy Ash weight.
Just to ensure the fingers got a workout I fitted Rotosounds 13-54's and tuned down a half.
A genuine fender 76 neck and neck plate will be fitted to the super light 76 body.
A genuine signature SRV 12" radius will be put aside as the RED takes shape.I've been offered an SRV signature body at a good price, but I'm not's like..innovate, don't copy 100% , if you know what I mean..
..the EJ relic I put together is a good example..with 59 thin skin custom shop scatterwounds and genuine relic bakelite 50's parts , its not exactly the same as the std EJ strat..

Updates to follow..
oh, and lets give cred to the crazy Swede who uses 2 zillion marshall 50 watt heads and no floyd..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ProjeKt Red

So you kinda guessed by now what the plan is...or know they change around when your in projex time..
So the SRV "red" guitar will be the rough plan but the parts are Schecker , including custom body in iroko which is really light, and the newly acquired neck which is a reverse head with rosewood board and made by L'arrivee guitars in Canada.I'm actually surprised it didn't sell sooner as the quality by L'arrivee is second to none and just looking at the pics I was impressed.
Schecker at the time were getting parts also made in japan but at some point they pointed their finger to Canada and here is the result.
Of course, a lot can happen before the neck actually arrives as there is a very heavy 77 hardtail strat body and a 78 tele body..we shall see...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bucharest European Championship

In 7 a side rugby.
Ticket is booked.
Team is picked.
I'm heading as a technical advisor.
Tough group but already getting ready for the challenge.And when the word challenge comes along , the pipes come along...


Currently waiting for news from the states as a friend will be bidding on an item that is only available in the USA. It's a steal imo if I'm fortunate enough to get it and more news will follow.
Looking at building a tele with a scatterwound neck humbucker and handmade scatterwould bridge pickup with a gatton bridge and saddles..
As usual the body is the main issue with regards weight and finish but I have found a new body whichy may be spot on for the tele.
I'll update as parts are sourced and purchased..

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A must have..

If you like the SRV texas shuffle then this recording is a must from his early days.
Uncomplicated and brilliant..(well, as uncomplicated as he gets..)