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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winter training...

tough times...just as we got into the short interval sprints I suddenly had an extreme pain around the prostate area...cramp down there really aint funny...
Last thursday I was involved in a slight car crash, when a car rammed the car I sat in , in the rear..think this is still effecting the biomachine..then of course it could also simply be down to age and only eating a sandwich the entire day..

Not long ago I watched an interesting documentry claiming that sports activity actually makes your life length shorter. This of course does make sense when you see the Yoggi eaters from the Med, sitting around and doing nothing but living a very long life..

Here was me gonna hang up the boots, but I only went out and bought a new pair today, so it looks like 2010's gonna be a training year anyway...lets hope the prostate takes the strain...

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