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Monday, March 1, 2010

u have mail...

Recieved a mail today that the next tone monster is on its way over the Atlantic.

There are a few decisions that have to be made with regards the body...paint, acrylic, nitro or stain?
Then we have the one pot or two pot set up, 250,500 or 1 meg pots, no load pot on the tone would be nice..

Tv jones Powertron...bridge plus or not? 4 conductor or not? short pole or not?
Then the bridge....406 pole to pole, .425 pole to pole, E to E , standard or vintage.. 3 brass barrels or 6 saddles ..3 or 4 screw
Its got a hot dog route in the rear so I'll have to drill 1 or 2 holes for the pots...
Then we can have Gretsch style arrow knobs...or..

Questions questions...

Most importantly the enck is aligned with the its a fat back C shape (Tone Monster neck) I figured I wanted some HD sperzels which I already have in the bag..10mm and vintage quality from z germans..

The neck is fitted with a bone nut which is one less headache...I reckon it would look good with three barrel string saddles on a chrome deck..which I could cut back to make more space on the plastic on the deck, gonna be clean lines. maybe 1 knob would be enough, you dont get any simpler and you can use the volume to darken the tone which I feel is a positive if faced with 1 knob.

Anyway, pics on the way once the parcel arrives. Gotta pack up The Paul to send off to find out if the guy wants to swap it for the Charvel.

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Thomas Silver said...

before you do anything w the nos charvel..remember i paid around 6000 skr for mine. so its not worth anything more than that cuz its a fender. made at a time when things was not so good there..