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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alien Twin

This is what the end product of my original designed and built racing frame turned into once it reached the States.
Apparently the price tag was extreme, but so was the amount of work on the engine and plastics.

Obviously when I worked the project from base camp we didn't have more than TZ replica fairings and seats...
All in all a very mean looking motorcycle.


The ZXRR after I refitted the original exhaust and replaced the dented tank from the crash a few years back. Lots of improvements since the original purchase and a fine looking machine.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Butchered G&L G000543

It's a pass me down with a very low S/N of the early Leo and George guitars , an F-100 series II with a 12" radius neck which somebody decided to butcher....It came with a pickguard carrying a humbucker and two single coils and with the bridge blocked off.
It's obviously too butchered to return to former glory as the F-100 didn't have more than a pickguard over the volume tone/pots and had passive pickups..
Plan is to look at getting another pickguard custom made and based on the one that it came with that covers up the deepest of scars...and put in a claw and springs in the back.
The pickups removed were all cheap and cheerfuls...on first using the guitar I liked the bridge humbucker..but then I noticed it broke up too early on the gain and sounded poor...I have a few humbuckers I could use, as well as two mini-humbuckers sitting on the shelf..maybe a humbucker in the tail and mini in the neck, for something different...

updates to follow..

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Takin' shape

Slowly but surely the OW01 racer has had it's 93 YZF engine removed and her original engine put back together and stuck back in the frame.

The original engine came in several boxes and wasn't really looking very healthy, so I had to clean up what could be cleaned up and put back together.

Now she's awaiting a battery and a wee bit work on the wiring harness as I've fitted a starter motor and charger...start up isn't far away...

Engine specs include:

Necessary matched YZF SP crankcases

Pete beale crank and head

YEC Endurance 3 ring pistons

B kit gearbox