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Monday, February 11, 2008

så sant, så sant

Not often I would suggest that some text are spot on, despite being in Swedish, but the guy who wrote these knew what he was scripting about...

Jag har hört att du träffat nån,och jag hör att han är allt jag inte var Och jag hör att du är säker nu, och jag vaknar med den tanken varje dag Och jag hör att han är den rätteJa, dom säger att du verkligen menar det Och jag hatar att jag älskar dig,och jag älskar dig så mycket att jag hatar mig...
Och jag skäms för att be, jag skäms för att gråta Mitt hjärta är ditt att förstöra, låt din vän få vetaOch jag skäms för att säga att du är kvar i migskratta åt det för då kommer jag kanske över digHur kunde du falla när han sa: "Jag älskar dig, jag älskar dig så mycket att jag hatar mig..."
Mina vänner säger 'vakna upp' och 'sluta tänk på det'Men vad vet dom, nu är nån annan än jag närmare Livet innan dig kunde jag, utan och innanJag kunde haft det så för alltidMen jag föll för dig,och du förtjänade en nominering för rollen du spelade...
Det kommer alltid finnas en hand för dig nånstansDu kan sluta dina ögon och aldrig känna dig ensamOch alla vill väl ha dig nu,dem har ju väntat på det härOch jag hatar att jag älskar digoch jag älskar dig så mycket att jag hatar mig...
Det var en gång, det var en festoch jag gick med nån för hon påminde om dig Men sen kom gryningen, och jag reste mig och gick ut genom dörrenJag gick genom den tidiga morgonenDen rena, tidiga morgonen
Och jag visste inte varför jag gjorde såÅh, jag visste inte varför
Jag har hört att du träffat nån,och den här gången är du riktigt säkerOch jag hatar att jag älskar dig,älskar dig så mycket att jag hatar mig...

Dylan and a mushroom don't equate to liberate....

... and with that title who knows what I'm on about today.

basically the word of 2008 is change. As in, all change. Pathways have been looked down and fingers crossed I may be looking at a bright future if the 7 month project that I've been working on actually hits home. And as they say in Sweden, I'm half in..

Since the game of golf and indoor football the climb back from injury has been long, as well as all the weinerbröds and over lashings of sugar , thats right folks, its a short and ugly trip to the sugar fetma town and its my bus stop. So, a couple of sundays ago, having eaten 8 buns and 8 weiners as opposed to any real food, I decided to make the call and run to an indoor football training and not look back..and to date , despite having a potgut like a gorbys, I've managed 5k runs at least twice a week and some rugby sessions. They say that there isn't a miracle pill to help out in these difficult situations, but of course there is and hopefully the Stackers will be turning up at some point..
haven't made it back to the gym yet as the gym owners have decided to spruce the place up for Joe average which entails removing every decent peice of equipment out and replacing with modernized shitty motivation isn't there yet.

Yesterday saw a usual face in the street, for those of you who are familiar with the ins and outs, I saw that infamous "bus" girl walking down the street with a guy who was familiar to the honey monster...she was unmistakable and indeed dwarfed by the laddie. I hadn't seen her for at least half a year and always wondered what her story was. I suppose I still don't really know. Cracking though, has to be said.Well done the honey monster.

So many things have happened since the last retracted post, which is now being held in the dungeons with the dragons. Thats what happens when wee lassies collect their pennies and have too much gander time, its the old klipp o klister baby coop.This wont happen again as the blog that takes care of these subjects has been setup and those in the know have taken a shine too.

Have you noticed sometimes the scripting becomes almost too personal and you not only have to read between the lines but also need to be fluent in the same language as "Yoda".All adds to that personal touch, hihi...thats about as confusing as things get around here, you need a degree in "yoda" to cut through the hidden agendas and mental disorders that seem to fill the vacuums which are filled with string theorys anyway..Vacuums are not empty and devoid of everything according to the latest theories in quantum annoying as those people who don't script themselves but are quik to pik up on spelling mistakes..on the blog haha

okay, lets get back on track. It's usually at this point I can detect those with and without a charisma by-pass and those who believe they have an iq versus those who wish they had a higher iq.As I don't even know what IQ stands for, or indeed equates for in todays society.
If that's getting back on track I'm a runaway train.

Thinsg to do list has become less and less but there are still some toys in the attic that require a polish and serious look at, for a start my bike is still in a bucket somewhere and needs fixin'.Better plan that in. With the Guitar projects finished I will refrain from anymore and I may even offload the JP signature Les paul as my EJSRV which just aquired an EJ neck PU is becoming my favourite despite the large neck profile. The vintage string distance seems to suit my purposes more and the echo bell sound is simply amazing. With a trip to SA on the cards it may be a sweet idea to offload the JP but its not an easy call. The right wrist is stronger and with a supermotard in the building phase and the worst part of the weather over it may be an idea to get the two wheels on the road again.

Ok, losing track of everything just now, important emails coming thru, fingers crossed..

Back later, hope the Gibberish makes some yoda opposed to loda sense...

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I ain't lookin' to compete with you,Beat or cheat or mistreat you,Simplify you, classify you,Deny, defy or crucify you.All I really want to doIs, baby, be friends with you.
No, and I ain't lookin' to fight with you,Frighten you or tighten you,Drag you down or drain you down,Chain you down or bring you down.All I really want to doIs, baby, be friends with you.
I ain't lookin' to block you upShock or knock or lock you up,Analyze you, categorize you,Finalize you or advertise you.All I really want to doIs, baby, be friends with you.
I don't want to straight-face you,Race or chase you, track or trace you,Or disgrace you or displace you,Or define you or confine you.All I really want to doIs, baby, be friends with you.
I don't want to meet your kin,Make you spin or do you in,Or select you or dissect you,Or inspect you or reject you.All I really want to doIs, baby, be friends with you.
I don't want to fake you out,Take or shake or forsake you out,I ain't lookin' for you to feel like me,See like me or be like me.All I really want to doIs, baby, be friends with you.