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Thursday, March 4, 2010


...I forget just how good some of the builds came together, and the 77 Blackie is really one of those that came together , having started out life as a '77 solid 10LBs Hardtail to a super light weight 74 bodied trem bodied relic.The body was actually sold as a 76 but after the purchase the person in Australia sent me a mail saying there had been a mistake and that it was in fact a be honest, even if it turned out to be 79 I wouldn't care (but would be surprised), the package sings! Even the original pups and pots all go together to making this a great relic. I understand why people pay the extra for the pre 75/74 guitars ( and of course earlier) if they weigh this little.Obviously the pre-74 pickups (staggered) are also meant to be impressive, but I have to say I'm happy enough with the 77's, specially now I wired them up with a tone pot for the bridge pickup..

Had a great session on her tonight and came up with some great rhythms which I have to get down asap.

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