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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Simply one of the best studio albums of all time

Monday, September 8, 2008

as promised and despite missing Presence...

Question: Are you a tube?
Answer: No, I'm solid State , mate

The guy had this up for 1500 kronks..before I'd stepped into his flat he's dropped the guts by 600 whilst handing me the presence pot and cap in my hand saying he'd removed it as he didnt use it anyway...
900 kronks and what a presence she is, without presence...


...and yet again, tacky shit and I love it, soon to be joined by a pig that you sit in the fridge and it grunts when you open the door...sheer class behind glass...
This should be an icon for my bank.
45 minutes to wait for Övriga bla bla for 1 minutes service...
..and you'll notice of course that as the Good Ship Recession comes over the horizon we get offered more and more credit everyday..
why is it when we actually need money when its not a recession, they blame the recessions for not giving it too us?

talkin av the Dead Kennedys and Holiday in Cambodia

Seems ironic one can go in the local expensive and child labour enducing shop to buy tacky shit..

I call him Chrome Dome...Nobody seems to have a made a remark that we deface somebodies spiritual icon , paint it pink and chrome its head...Strange World indeed...god only knows what they'd do to our baby jesus, virgin mary et al. No characateur would do this justice, even in Denmark...where something is rotten in the state of..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

sneek preview...Somewhere over the rainbow

84 Gibson flying V

Dirty fingers pups

Natural finish

Status: deal should be finalised within a few weeks..

Townsend SG and the pedals..

This week the theme is "The Jam" meets the Dead Kennedys....

With the original ad-80 and ST 9 and the rythm favorite SG signature we're hitting echo and tube scream..East Bay Dave and Weller both have a great sound with the DK guitarist loving the echo effect..

projects hiding in the shadows...

61 melody maker awaits a 61 transition pickguard to load with the minihumbuckers..badass bridge and 60's Grovers dwarf the headstock on the basic MM D 61...

the 82 telecaster neck awaits its body, arriving from loader bridge arrived from Oz, an ex from 83, tuners from Arizona, matched up fender 82 and the pups are now ordered and also on the way..more on them to follow..

nuff said...

Marshall 5010...monday...