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Thursday, March 4, 2010

SRV time again...4 different guitars..

This live is without doubt my favorite SRV song. Guy frikken rips it up, awesome sound, awesome passion...awesome performance!

Then we have another good song to start playing yerself...another fav and another guitar which isn't Number 1..

Then of course his Number 1 1963 apparently, despite all the hooha about it being a 59, or 61.Apparently when it was ripped apart by the custom shop it was a stock 63 that wasn't even a slabboard but veneer board? Wham in my mind epitomises the texas shuffle sound that you either buy into or not.

Just have too...

And of course, the finale..

No need to excuse having all these songs posted.
What I find with SRV is that the rule not to move onto a second note until you've squeezed everything from the first note and space inbetween...well, he's the master imo.

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