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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Customs and E

Well the Tele birdseye neck and body routed for the TVjones arrived today.
Now don't get me wrong, I should be doing cart wheels looking at the gear I just unpacked! The neck is simply amazing and the rear route in the body leaves so much deck!..why aren't I doing cart wheels...maybe the frikken customs import tax ...christ..25% of the overall price INCLUDING postage of course, I mean what the fuck...then another extra just for the fact that some lazy bastard couldn't be arsed to carry it to my house as a piece of paper was lighter..another tenner..and just to add to the misery..the cost to send the Gibson to the north was double the cost that the super website claimed...

So anyway, next move is to have a long hard think about the finish.As I'm a huge fan of yellow, my plan is to buy some yellow lemon stain from stewmac and once I'm wet down the body, dried and sanded and then applied the stainer, the plan is to finish off with some Danish Oil which will darken.I wont use Grain filler, maybe look at finishing oil if required. Lots of sanding and of course patience the key here, but not too anal about the finish to be honest. I'm fairly sure I'll sure I'll be routing the body for 1 pot only to keep the lines.
Before any staining or sand papering I have to finish off all the holes and routes and also have a dry run with the pup fitted with the compression rubber. I'm also in two minds about cutting back the TVJones Savalas bridge or not.I'll keep it whole until I've mouted the pup and marked up and fixed the bridge.
The schaller tuners look awesome in the birdseye neck, I'm not a huge fan of gold but in this case it work

Now its a waiting game..if the guy up north wants the paul, I should be recieving a Charvel in exchange..Looking at the 2005 price list , this guitar is 2100 dollars which hes trying to offload for a lot be honest I don't care, I really like the look of this guitar.We'll just have to wait and see, I wouldn't mind getting the Gibson back anyway.

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