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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve...and all that..

Well, its been a bit vacant here for a while.
Not sure why to be honest.
Xmas came along as it always does and the mass media once again managed the Swedes to break a new record in buying shit made in China which will once again give them the upper hand when it comes to discussing what they're not going to do to help the Eko.
Always makes me laugh when I look at the ads offering me a really cheap tv for only 800 quid...800 quid!!

This winter has been a cruel one. We read that over 70 people have died in Poland and, thousands of people are somehow surviving on the streets in the lowest temperatures seen for a while. And we still paint over these cracks in what is painted as a perfect wall year in and year out. it's such a huge logistical fuckup that we genuinely don't know who, where or how we can help out.So we don't.Ok, that rants over and comes every year at about this time.It's my constant head shaker that I just don't get every time the christmas hysteria begins and ends...

This xmas hysteria ended with an sms informing me that a rather special guy lost his life on the 23rd december in a bike accident in Spain.The same day I received that one I also got a mail telling me another mate from years gone by had died of a massive heart attack on the 25th.Both were too young to be heading to the crossroads! I worked as a guitar tech with Nick Johnson and we had a bond since 87/88 which we kept all the way after his move to Spain.They'll be more about Nick another time...

2010 has been one of those years. Another good friend who i worked with for around 12 years decided enough was enough and decided to take his own life.And a month later another friend was found in the Firth of Forth.dead.Whats strange of course and as we all know, life moves forwards regardless and its moving so fast nowadays that its hard to take all these things in. The New Years coming in and they are still on my mind.It must be a terrible blow for their families and closest of friends.

2010 has had its positives of course and new friendships. To meet up with a best mate from early teens was a high spot of 2010 as well as my mother coming over on holiday to meet up with the kids.

Right now and its a thought for those who have gone.But as my mother once said to me when my fathers funeral date was announced and I was also asked by my son to be with him in hospital..."stick with the living son"..

heres looking forwards to a Happy New Year and new adventures on the roller-coaster we call living in 2011!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Think everybody whose ever worked on any project has the same fetich for titanium and magnesium as woman have with platinum and white gold..and by all accounts its the same bloody cost!
Today I started setting up for the last haul to put the engine back in the frame when I discovered on of the main front engine bolts had a rather difficult time with it's threads.Not sure how this has happened but it was on the same side as it got smacked, so that has once again put us on hold for the engine going back into the frame.
So, time to check out some of the other parts of the rebuild which of course include these rather expensive titanium bolts for fitting the 6 pots up front. It's all rather odd, but the six pots are lighter than the original four pots.
I had to remove the original green mudguard which will be replaced by a carbon fibre unit.Should look good with the gold and black.
At the same time, due to some interesting paperwork, I'm once again thinking about getting on with the aprilia swing arm and all the other special parts..but we'll see.Its all down to reporting the new K frame replacement or not...