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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

its the smaller details...84 kahler brass bell knob

If you have a look at the hotrod I put together with the JVSQ body and green pickguard with the gibson dirty fingers, you'll notice the brass knob that adorned the cts 1meg volume pot has now moved back where it belonged, on the brass schecter plate on the telecaster ( which incidently is back to front as the polished brass side looked outta place on the worn out body, it works though)..
I felt the brass tele knob actually stuck out too far on this rodder, so I started looking around and found a kahler 84-88 NOS fender style brass knob which I feel will suit the lines better.
Its a small detail but one that is important if your not 100%..
On the way are a few questions so to speak..I have an aged white 8 hole 1.6 mm 57 pickguard on the way which can either move onto the schecter iroko body or used for the Eric Johnson body thats currently parked up waiting for a neck. I feel the white would suit the tangerine body and the relic guard on her just now is a 62RI so the holes don't mount up..a small detail but anyway..

The finish for the Powertron Tele has been finalised.Its gonna take time to do by hand, but I'm going for a yellow top but with black sides and back..This will require a mail to StewMac for the colortone stainers  and locally I can buy finishing lacquer.I've decided against using grain filler.
First though, drilling, sanding and swearing...

Finally..been asked to send a picture of my Black Strat for a possible swap for an 87 Tom Anderson...but I've really taken to the black relic and shes so lightweight and resonant..

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