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Friday, March 12, 2010

And here we go again...

At the same time I'm pondering about the finish and remaining parts for the HotRod #2, I finally removed a digit to get the 8 hole relic pickguard for the rather ignored but awesome Eric Johnson 2 tone fender signature body which was my first ever dip into buying seperate body parts.
This body has had loads of different necks, pots, trems fitted , but everything was moved, removed, replaced and she ended up in the "Projects2B" pile.
If you get a chance to pick up a good deal on one of these signature bodies, do so.They are all light and really are up to CS spec. I got mine at a right price as somebody had bumped her around..I'm never really bothered about that as it doesn't effect the tone..

..what does effect the tone though is pickup choice...And here I'm left with an interesting choice. In the parts bin at the minute I have several vintage Dimarzios from around 78, a signature Malsteen dimarzio neck pup, a seymour duncan alnico 2 pup, an EJ Custom shop neck pup, and a rather original dark wired but unmarked fender pup that came out of a vintage nashville tele. I would hazard a guess this is an original 60s Fender pickup, but can't be sure.
Reckon I'll go with the Bakelite rep covers and knobs that are also in the parts bin as well as an original Bakelite ball style switchtip which I purchased along with the relic pickguard just cos it reminded me of a rugby ball.
A few parts to source and if possible I'll get the C shaped rosewood neck I have refretted and fit a Malsteen brass nut which worked out really well on my other HotRod #1 .I do have a JV trem block which could be used, but it doesn't seem to have the same sting as the Fender original.If you read earlier I measured the blocks and found out the JV, if it is indeed a JV, was lighter and we shall. This body really does deserve a good setup downstairs so to speak. If I do use the rosewood neck then I'll salvage the spare black Schallers that I have , just need to get some screw bushings and washers to complete them. So the main job is to get a refret if I don't source another vintage neck...

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