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Friday, August 28, 2009

the "DUCK"....

a 73 to base it on...

3 bolt 70s Project

So I have a 77 natural finish (once a sunburst) and rather strat sitting in a guitar case which I wanted to change the body on. For a start I felt the weight, despite a great tone, was going the other way to where I wanted to go.
Looking at prices versus quality , I decided early days that I would look at some MIJ strat bodies.
At this point I started reading about the differences between the models, the history of Fender Japan and the whys and why nots of the 82,83,84 models.
The woods vary, but by all accounts the early squiers and fenders use sen ash which seems to be a very good wood and very light.Slightly heavier than alder but an improvement on basswood..
Whilst all this was going on I actually found a 74 damaged body which I thought of buying but lost the auction when my internet went down just as I was about to bid..and to make matters better or worst, depends on how you see these things...I managed to purchase a fender JV tremelo block plus all the trimmings..
So, I had everything except a body.
Then an '83 Olympic White JV 3 bolt appeared from the same seller as the Trem gear.
The 3 bolt set up isn't the same as USA fenders as it uses 3 wood bolts and no micro tilt, so at the moment its a gamble I suppose...(maybe make her a 4 bolt like Malsteen does,,)but the idea is to stick the parts that I have left over, lying around or on another G to build up a maple necked Olympic White.
As I have some bakelite covers, control knows and a switch...I'm thinking of sticking them on sami mk1 and using the fatboy relic gear on this project.
I'll obviously keep everything from the 77 as shes complete except pups which I'm not really interested in.
I have three Dimarzio SD1's which I could use or go for anotehr set of sliders 69 specials.
Body weighs in under 4...

Moving forwards....

Right then, the Telecaster body matched up perfectly with the same year '78 telecaster neck.Once this had been removed from its former body which was a mess to be honest, I noticed that non of the parts from the original project guitar would fit the genuine fender body.
Looking around at the options and prices decided to try and keep the guitar as original as possible (78 that is) with the exception of a rather cheap Mint Green telecaster pickguard which I thought may look the bizz on the black reliced body.
We shall see.
Despite the calls for a three brass saddle bridge on all telecasters I decided to use a genuine fender 6 saddle bridge ala '78.with everything else from 78 the main difference will be the pups which will be rio grande tallboys in neck and bridge position.
I'll get some pics up once the parts arrive and its plug n play time. I have to say it has one of my fav necks on the guitar.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New old body

Finally one of my projects which ended up a mess will recieve what it deserves.
The 78 telecaster neck which I purchased and which is an awesome neck will now be blessed with a 7Lb 78 original 78 Fender telecaster body.

Its gonna be a will follow.Pups most likely will be RIO Grande tallboys..

Les Paul dies aged 94

Okay, I wont lie and say I'm the biggest fan ever of Les Paul.
I haven't listened to very much and I suppose I'm not ready yet to listen , otherwise I would have.
A friend showed me some youtube today and it was very impressive, although not really the music I'd rush out and buy.So, as I said I'm probably not there yet and wont pretend to be.
But the guys inventions and designs are of course legendary.

Rest in Peace