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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"ur here for reason"

..facing another late night, early morning.
having just recieved a new title at work and balancing way too many tight deadlines and juggling balls in the air, you have to have to trigger to be able to switch off...

I just watched a program about people working in real estate.The boss hates kids, talking about kids and refuses to believe that his employees should take holidays...
its all about being put on the earth to do a job, he says
certain people are meant to sprint 100 meters, others to govern a country and real estate people to work...u guessed it...real estate.

jeez, this guy obviously gets impotent on poontang and hard on money and work...or what?
sure, guys got money, money,money, money...but is that ALL its about?
I don't know, I just kinda question his ethics..

Back to the Dalai Lama
I reckon life is about getting satisfaction from what you do.If money is involved, so be it.If people want to get fat and lazy at 30, get married, PLAN kids (??) and have their highest prio to buy a safe family car...let them.

The eyes are the window to the soul, not the wallet.Or?
Lifes variables are interesting, most important variable in the equation is knowing what part of the equation you represent yourself to work around the variable.
..with a family motto; either peace or war I was very black or white for many years and stood on that soapbox we call a one sided discussion. Now that the little hair I have has gone grey and with the years of battlescars from discussion I'm finally greying around the edges and its making more sense...Life is of course a war with many battles, and those battles you have to pick as there aren't many, if any, that can win every battle.

so, you may win a battle but it doesn't mean you win the war - life

...keep the dayjob...

Starting to play football at my age is a bit different. Whilst most were out and about kicking a round ball in the park, I was locked up in an instituition where football was regarded as a commoners game and only the purist sports of rugby, land hockey and cricket were allowed, alongside Fives and Squash...I even managed to get caned for listening to unsuitable records with patti smiths "piss factory" and the Ramones "sheena is a punk rocker".....

So now, at the tender age of 41 I head off every monday and tuesday to try and impress my self and the teams that I can play this universal game...confidence is high..
..and then comes the reality that I'm no more than a token who gets a few minutes to keep me quiet. "Keep your dayjob" kinda thing and it bugs me to hell, well it would. Despite having acceptable pace and fitness, the main problem is that I resemble a bunny rabbit under the headlamps as soon as I get a ball around my feet.

I will struggle on. As a friend remarked to me yesterday after an intresting korp game which ended with a fight, two red cards and a 2-2 draw, "it's just not your game ".Maybe I have two high expectations, as the photo above shows "Mr Happy Face" despite a 5-1 win AND they made me Capt, my disappointment is obvious..can't imagine what I'd look like on a 5-1 thrashing..

Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's all about Tone....right?

Can't believe its a month since my last posting, christ how things are moving quickly!

Well the virus has gone and the sun has arrived which is one of the positives in Sweden, late nights will a hanging sun way up there! Negatives obviously being that i've missed the tipping point of beach 08 due to all the problems since november 07 and to date the x-ray count is up to 3 with a fourth and hopefully final x-ray (ultra sound) happening this coming wednesday.

They'll probably tell me I'm pregnant and I can sell the script to Hollywood about a man getting pregnant and having a baby...lets see, I could get Arnold Schwarzanegger to play me...and....dammit , its been done already....fucking amazing somebody got paid for that script, they must have seen the producer coming...
If you haven't seen that film, don't.Its beyond crap, and one step beyond that.

So, back to my x-ray, hopefully we'll get a green for go and I can try and get motivated to get rid of the layer of baconrasher thats formed since november.If I was an artist, (not the piss variety), they'd be calling this my " doinfuckall" period , with regards to training.
interesting how artists whose work commands great sums of gold get put into divisions of periods all depending on what drug they were dropping at the time.Lets face it, they're a weird sort, either lashed with wine or doped up with arsenic and acid and the resulting mess created in future generations is called something like, "Large Randy Spot" from XX's Blocks and Spheres period...estimated to auction at $53m...err, I'll have another one just like the other one...

So whats the guts I ask you?
well, many.It's all about tone, so whats that title about?
Once again I'm taking a trip , slightly hungover I may add after another "aprés-rugby soireé" to buy a Pete Townshend Gibson SG replica.I was asked yesterday,
why do you need more than one guitar?
my answer was simple, tone, sustain, sound, resonance, have to know the difference and hear it.Thinking about that its actually very similar to a lot of things, the differences in tone between guitars is the similar to the difference in people.
....some people you like, some people you don't, same with guitars, and the reasons are the slight imperfections in character, or the way they tone themselves, reliabilty, thick skinned would be like wearing powerslinkys and shredding your fingers,
.some guitars are easy, some are difficult, some appear to be easy and then surprise you by not being, some look good on the outside but are cheap behind the first layer...just like people...
...and with age and maturity they don't always improve despite the price increasing..
I'm at insane? well, nothing new there..

u see, i'm not an accomplished g-player, I just love the sound and the whole business of comprehension through playing and hearing the sound. I just finished the Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty and she is simply amazing, a tone monster that simply sustains for minutes.This is the wreck I bought that was stripped of its parts and shipped from the great lakes in the USA with worn wonderfrets and a neck repair that went wrong and was badly fixed..
She now adorns only the very best gold platina vintage parts that despite costing a second morgage are the only parts she deserves, from 59 grover tuners to a 63 bridge and thumbwheels,60s lightweight tailpeice with original long studs...tone, tone tone
The list of parts on their own mean nothing, but the sum of all parts equates to awesome!

Just had a couple of hours in the old town of Stockholm.You forget just how many tourists come over to this beautiful city and at the same time just how much crap the local try to sell them...not sure how much glass or viking crap there exists, but its all there...I also realised that gamlastan has become Little Italy with a host of Italian restaurants...I recall somebody wrote around 10 years ago that the pizza was the most popular dagens don't go looking for Isterband, you'll be disppointed...
It's actually quite nice to have 3 hours to kill in the capital, especially when its sunny.Every side street and you'll find creepy guys looking out for the fuzz as street hawkers that we've all been warned about trying to play "hide the split pean under a box" and rip off the tourists...its such a con and people actually fall for it...not sure how many pikeys I saw creeping in and around the old buildings...all looks like a foto shoot from a dickens story except they wear those fantastic training suits that you only find in the baltic states...

As I started with, things have been all go with work become interesting and a conference next week in Greece to go too.Suffice to say to the older blog readers there is a twist in the tail of this rather weird cocktail we call life, but more on that next I said, it's all about tone, and my life is getting loads of tone and sustain at the moment, more positives than a mathematics convention regarding "the plus sign and it's function"..

I'm still trying out that new sport, football I believe they call it. Makes people laugh when I say that, but keep in mind I wasn't allowed to play football in school, it was only Hockey, Rugby and my debut started with Korp football and is still a new experience for me..can you imagine how fun that is? actually getting "a kick" from playing the biggest sport in the world and trying to master I play (see "try")in two teams at the moment which is great to have something so different and to have some new "goals"......

I'm still failing in everyway to get time to fix the bike which is a real pain and something I really need to put more effort into as the weather is perfect just now...

Right, i've gotta jump off the train, i'll get back to tone once I've plugged the sg in and given it an airing.......