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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


3 weeks! Been feeling as rough as a welders bench for three bloody weeks! Dubai, sick, flights, sick, training, sick..frikken tired of feeling like I'm waiting for lung inflammation to burst out like Jethro Tull!

If you've read this blog from the start you'll have read earlier my theories about Sweden being a Virus Tent , producing killer virus as their over protectiveness throughout the years of their children who used to get injected for everything and anything , has now successfully managed to ensure we now have killer virus and flus that put people out of action for a minimum of 3 weeks! makes bird flu, pig flu and hippopotamos flu look lame in comparison! I was too naive to actually feel , that I felt better...then I sneezed...and now its bloated throat meets a bullfrog jumping around my head..

However, despite this general feeling of mass pity which could even move Dan Brown to write a new novel about how we men die at the very sneeze of a flu, I'm actually getting a real buzz listening to the Ravi Shankar and i've decided to buy myself a Sitar! What a challenge! awesome sounds! The way the players bend the strings, I'd hazard a guess that Albert Lee would have been a star! Imagine him turning around to a lefty and stringing it upside down...I've found an old one in town and may have have to invest. I love the off beat rhythms, almost jazz like in following the durhams(?) beats to the sitars..
You can hear a lot of guitarist took quite a bit of influence from India and the sitar drone and melody, Page being very influenced and of course tuned a lot in DADGAD to retain the classic drone which is what the sitar has the sympathetic strings to reproduce..have a listen to Joe Bonamassa playing India..awesome picking technique to reproduce "that" sound..
Anyway, we shall see..

back to training..this week been putting a lot of time down learning a few favorites, Over the Hills and far away and ten years is bron-yr-aur ...

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