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Friday, May 14, 2010

Ibanez Hoshino Gakki 100 Anniversary

Passing the local music shop today ended in a decent Indian lunch with Bruce, the owner, and a friend of his called Per, a guitarist of some note by all accounts and top bloke working at the Botanical gardens.
Looking at the guitars around the shop I noticed a rather ugly looking guitar hanging there with a price tag of 89,000kr. WTF! Ibanez? Basswood japanese junk that have to use hot Dimarzio pups and Floyd Rose to get their sound..well, not quite.Lets just say I don't have one, never played one but I'm sure Vai, Satriani and all the rest know a good guitar when it drops by.
This isn't basswood.
This is very rare, one of 3 in Europe apparently.
Reading around and apparently they don't sustain very well as standard models.
Well, in a way its cool. despite the cost.It's interesting to see that Ibanez guitars are demanding some huge prices though for models in pretty basic woods. But whatever works I suppose, they do have their own following and sound and for once they're original nowadays. Can't understand any hype for any Jap builder of copies. Doesn't really matter if its considered better, as i don't believe they are.Just cheaper. And, copies. JJ- JUST JUNK! and like all junk, cheap junk.
Saying that though...they do have some great craftsman and pride in their work. So sure, they've done some great work..but..copies...naaaaaa.
However...Ibanez, they have their own look, so yes, I'd probably buy one one day.

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