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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Real Real story...Jeff Becks Oxblood/chocolate paul..

This is a really interesting jackanory!Pictured above isn't his infamous 54 with wraparound and humbuckers, this is Jeff with 9 1864, his 59 Paul that was stolen in 72 and has never re-appeared.
He bought the burst from Ricky Nielson for 350 bucks after smashing up his other Paul....
This picture says it all though...marshall stack, Gibson 59 and of course Mr beck...

Interesting again to note that Jeff beck always like a huge fat bat neck and apparently his fender strat signature has a fat neck.As I mentioned before its the success to tone imo..
My 62 RI schecter necked strat is also a fairly hefty birdseye neck and its got more than enough tone!


Musician, guitarist said...

yes but...will anyone ever hear it?
see ya soon, dude.

"Gonzo" said...

what do you mean?