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Friday, May 21, 2010

...and a garlic nan?

1/4 notes, pull downs all the way or stright strings to play the drone rhythms and movable frets just to fine tune...
Project....electric sitar , now that would be cool....stick in a dimarzio sd 1 in the tail of one of these beasts and the Balrog would come for a visit!
Ok, now we all know the history of the blues and the start of the pull downs, bends and all the rest from the Slaves playing on snow flakes instruments...what about the other side of the world...they were years ahead..
Listen to the rhythms in this music and it even makes Jazz a serious question mark!
There have been many great guitarists who have realised this, Jeff beck and Page being two at least who understood where they were and are compared to the history and playing of stringed instruments..
The only trouble to date is to try and listen to the music without wanting a garlic nan....

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