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Thursday, May 13, 2010

These past weeks...

..have been weeks where there have been some interesting developments in human behaviour and relationships. Its interesting but only to the point where if you had a few sessions with some very wise people you know when its time to quickly use the stepping stones in the murky swamp of bitterness than actually get stuck up to your arse and elbows.
I'm not gonna go into what the changing traits are, as I don't really have the inclination or patience to write it all down in script, however a mate saying to me, "you know that all people are cunts anyway" was something I would contest any day of the week.

What I don't get is how people can live with themselves. But thats quite immaterial as thats what people would like, they feed off bad karma of others and enjoy the bullying aspect as they have been bullied themselves.

One of the wisest things I was ever told when I was caught down in that very swamp of self pity and bitterness, as well as basically being very low and disappointed, was that one should never give these people the time of day , as they don't give you a minute of their time.And it's true. So the best way forward is to move on quickly and more importantly, always follow your own gut feeling and back yourself in the honest stakes as you'll never disappoint yourself if your 100% honest towards yourself.

So, here we are.
Knee decided to blow out finally..feels like my cruciate ligament has torn and is on it's way out.bummer.

Just now its a real "two sides of the fence".
On the one side, I have 4 squads who want me around and 1 that doesn't know why I'm not around except for the agenda to ensure I'm not around. Thats a four to one ratio. Happy days!

Guitar playing has been coming along and I'm so happy to have nailed some Page phrases. I'm gonna buy some cheap recording gear and lay down some phrases.It's a great way to use the grey cells and at the same time its so awesome to be playing music that you've only been flabbergasted by listening to it.

Pulled back my 62ri schecter from a mate, missed playing her and she never disappoints. simply amazing strat.

Oh well, no pics today, its a b/w day but all good.

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