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Monday, May 3, 2010


No scripting for a few days as I've been busy mixing business and pleasure..
After a night long flight from Dubai to Amsterdam and on to Landvetter, I managed to wake up at 15.00 this afternoon..
So, a week is over and a whole new ideology is fixed in place...First time in the middle east and the sudden realisation that you see first hand is that our culture really is the minority on the planet. With 80% of the people living and working in Dubai coming from India, pakistan, Iran and of course China and other Asian countries, its a real eye opener to say the least.
best people to have a chat with were the taxi drivers.If there is one thing that is cheap in Dubai then it's the taxis. I met some really nice guys who I asked many questions to, about their home cities in Pakistan or towns in India, as well as their religions and the Muslim ideology. These guys make a wage of 5000kr a month and have a rent of 10,000kr a than one out..
Whilst I was getting a guided tour around Dubai Sport City, the woman who was guiding us was 28 and had never had a drink in her life. She also did the fasting according to her religion but at the same time she was blinged up with bright watches, pink mobile and nothing hiding her face or arms. She said she wasn't that much into the religion but at the same time had respect for various parts of it..28 without being on the piss? NEXT!
Dubai is a country that you almost have to witness...its also a country that isn't as extreme as some of the Saudi.So they don't mind selling out their traditions for the sake of development and tourism.
Its the size of everything that is really is LasVegas meets Disneyland..Indoor ski slopes, highest buildings in the world, ice rinks in the Malls, biggest Malls in the world which you DO get lost in, and Hotels that ignore the rating of 5 and claim 8 stars, with helicopter pads and...well, you get the point.
5 times a day the prayers can be heard over the whole city at the same time you don't really see anybody reacting. I'll post some pics soon, but here is an idea of the hall inside the Atlantis palm which had just about everything except an airport in it..

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