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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sarge D of the Sod! New contract now to get the local Division 6 football team into shape and assist the coaches with an SAQ fitness session as well as assist them with their own coaching as I've done quite a bit of coach education as well as doing many courses and club coaching. Lets just say it has been nice to be asked to help out after the turbulent time spent with a team I assisted on building up and then getting actively removed through some fucking stupid decision making, along the same lines as the day Adolf decided to conquer Russia and forgot why the Russians favorite aperitif is Vodka-straight!
So you go to where your wanted. Thats a bit of good advice if you ever needed it. Even though you miss the craic with soem mates, at the end of the day if people have their own wee agenda going, fuck 'em , don't get mad, get even, and move forwards!
So now the calender is booked with rugby, football and fun.

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