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Friday, May 28, 2010


Right are the 10 top Guitarists according too The Rolling Stone magazine in 2003.

01 Jimi Hendrix United States
02 Duane Allman United States
03 B.B. King United States
04 Eric Clapton United Kingdom
05 Robert Johnson United States
06 Chuck Berry United States
07 Stevie Ray Vaughan United States
08 Ry Cooder United States
09 Jimmy Page United Kingdom
10 Keith Richards United Kingdom

So I have to say, straightaway that I'm not wholly in favour of this list.I suppose people can discuss forever who should or shouldn't be in the top ten, but lets just say I'd easily spend an evening with a konjak and cigar and discuss the pro's and cons here..

Now then, here is another Top 10 list made by Digital Dream Door, for Top Rock Guitarists..

01 Jimi Hendrix United States
02 Jeff Beck United Kingdom
03 Eddie Van Halen United States
04 Eric Clapton United Kingdom
05 Jimmy Page United Kingdom
06 Ritchie Blackmore United Kingdom
07 Tony Iommi United Kingdom
08 Chuck Berry United States
09 Duane Allman United States
10 Robert Fripp United Kingdom

Well, nice to see EH getting on the list, a player who by all accounts and listening to some big names deserves to be on the first Top ten list.Now then..Eric Clapton does seem to get high on both lists...I've seen him a few times but I have to say I feel he's slightly overrated on the lists...but a personal opinion only, I reckon Buddy Guy boots him out straightaway..
Nice to see Beck gets stuck in there as well of course.
I reckon they should kick off a real "last man standing" and get the Top Ten Blues Guitarist going...that would just get silly..but I feel its important to get the point over as to why and what made them where they are on the list..Hendrix imo should be number 1 as he basically did change the whole concept by putting the guitar up front and personal in everyway imaginable...And by all accounts all that witnessed his London shows went away pretty scared as well as impressed, Page, Beck, Clapton, Townshend, Richards and the whole Tone ratpack..Now, there are some names that I would say I do enjoy and they're style did change a generation..
like Iommi..but the fact that Jan Akkerman aint there...okay..Blackmore? As the big bands went, sabbath. zepp and deep purple imo were the sum of all parts, which would have me look at the guitarists under a microscope..Surprising then that Townshend isn't there as he played some serious Jazz chords through some of the most famous Rock songs of all time and even smashed things up before others...think people feel that because he wasn't a soloist he wasn't that good..I disagree...
Anyway, been fun looking at Silvers site today..he's obviously looked at my Tone comment and backed it up with, I had a look around and funnily enough found some footage and other stuff from 84 when I was fortunate to watch VH and of course EH..shame was that it felt like AC/DC didn't really assist with the sound..
Anyway, here we go for a laugh, my second Castle Donnington, I went in 81 (AC/DC) and 84...feels like another era..back then VH were really meant to blow everybody away but I walked away disappointed...No real surprise..
AC/DC back in 81 and 84 were better than they are today...but imo there will never been an AC/DC that beats the years with Bon Scott!

brian johnson

and last but not least, a song that I always thought was great without realising he was indeed playing a little guitar...VH when they were still good despite Roths obsession with spandex and hairspray


Fafhrd said...

The Rolling Stone list is a blues guitarist list. Dunno what the other one is lol. If you knock out EVH then you essentially have a 60's rock/blues guitarist list. I think Duane Allman might have something to say about being accused of being a rock guitarist. Pure blues.
Also, given the list is for 2003, where are the likes of Vai, Zappa, Malmsteen, Satriani, Santana etc.
Further there is not even a nod in the direction of Jazz/Classical/Country such that guys like John Mclaughlin, Segovia, Julian Bream, Chet Atkins etc aren't mentioned.

"Gonzo" said...

if that is a list of blues guitarists, I reckon its also a bit off..and as you say, there are quite a few names missing..

"Gonzo" said... mention of danny gatton or the man himeself..Les paul?