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Monday, May 17, 2010

Reunion Gig...

When I first heard that Sabbath were getting back together for a reunion gig at the Birmingham NEC my heart sank..
Here was a band I'd listened too for as long as I could remember, Sabbath bloody Sabbath record I believe..but never seen
Live.I'd seen Ozzy several times..but just not the same..Same with Sabbath and their singers ....just not the same..I never thought I'd get a ticket for the gig..but..
well, yes...the very night they made a live Mother couldn't understand how I could go to the UK just for this..

Nuff said..Bill Ward, Iommi, Butler and Ozzy...There aint anything this massive in sound or originality...and never will be again.

all started here.....

and just a few years after my birth..

and last but not least..if your not convinced yet...poor quality ..but trust me..when your standing there it blasts your head off......chunka chunka chuuuuuunk....

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