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Friday, May 7, 2010


So, having recently returned from Dubai my curiosity for the Islamic world and Arabic World has had me looking at maps and reading about Mecca and Saudi on the whole,as whilst I was in Dubai I heard just how much harder the country and its traditions are held.
As we've all heard, public flogging has become more popular in both Saudi and Iran, to keep the youngsters in place with regards sex and alcohol. The more you read the more you have to wonder just how medieval they have managed to keep the inner shell, with all laws based on their religion and with woman being kept as much aside from men, it's a bit of a mind cluster fuck to get yer head around the size of the country and its 28 million inhabitants whose oil reserves are 90% of their country's income. 

Just getting into the country is meant to be well difficult and if your not a muslim you can forget about taking snaps of their holy shrines, seen below.The last picture is their petroleum company's HQ, so it's worth a place with the other two..
Gonna be interesting when the oil runs out as they predict...
I'm also informed that quite a few head over to Lebannon and act quite differently...I reckon if they're gonna live by the sword they should also die by the sword..
Scarey stuff if you ask me..