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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday at the FuzzGuitar show

So first of all I ended up hung over after a long trip to Enköping to coach a rugby team to a huge loss and then watch a young player get his thigh bone snapped in half in the last minute of the game...he'll not want to remember his 2010 season premiere.
First off I managed to get a lift to Erikbergshallen, only to find out it wasn't the right venue...fortunatly a mate was working at the show so after a call he told me I was miles another call to Jimmy and a free lift was on, although Jimmy wouldn't be joining me as he's had enough of guitar shows..

T silver was the first to be sourced, hiding behind a bunch of cool guitars with beer in hand, and off we went to see some of the gear he liked, including a cool Taylor baritone 8 string and a host of nice acoustics.

I'm more into the original fenders and gibsons, but the best deals would be found with the 70s and 80s japanese replicas.Has to be said, a lot of guitar for very little money.
Anyway, nicest guitar imo was the 57 100% mint Gibson Gold top at a mere 850,000kr...

.a bunch of Fender strats, cheapest at 125,000 up to 250,000kr and a a rare sight indeed, a custom shop SRV lenny for 125,000kr.

.to be honest, I was happier coming home to my own guitars, theres more variation..people are obviously holding on to their classics as there were no les paul customs in abundance (old) and only a few nice strats and telecasters..
Taylor ebony streaks...61 thousand...nice nice
I also managed to look for a seat at some point and find myself in a room with some guy who came in and played along to some backing music trying to sell us the new guitar players recording dream..can't remember his name but he was pretty good at playing guitar.Think he played in Europe at some point.
Gibson Les Paul with the new style fuzzy frets and a kahler trem and lock nut..

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