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Sunday, May 16, 2010

..and here she prize..the Black Widow, isn't she lovely and so deadly

...those of you familiar with Alice Cooper with get the title...and Vincent Price of course who was in all the Hammer House of Horror films in my youth..
Anyway, here is the Gibson..year? not sure till I get the number out from behind the paint over, you can see a number very lightly under the paid and Made in USA its 71,71,73,or 74.Well, the body is anyway..the rest is a bunch of gear from the early 60's original abr tuner, lightweight 63 tailpiece, 68 paf sticker pickups which have been used so much they have hardly any gold left on them, 59 Grover tuners..list goes on and on...the caps are bumble bees...the height adjuster wheels and posts are yes, it looks like its really old and used and abused and to be honest it has..fretless wonders are still original and its not the easiest guitar I've ever tried to play..its been over painted through its life, its had a crack between the volume and tone pot...its had it's neck broken and gone through rehab and's still a very special guitar which you have to play to really understand why these guitars were the guitar that you plugged into a Marshall and played Rock.


Musician, guitarist said...

whats with the grin..? it can´t sound that good.
and take away the word verification, dude. it starts to piss me off when i want to slag on you on your blog..haha
was to see chris jag
ger yesterday at jazzÄ boring.

"Gonzo" said...

its to stop all the spamming I get...