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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Gibson Les Paul.
Nuff said. Okay, so nowadays it's all about the buck and Gibson seem to have entered into a CBSesque style timewarp where they're guitars are getting through quality control without the quality we expect.
And having looked at some of the high end Gibsons I have to agree with my mate that they are appearing to, "suck"..
I had a really nice Les Paul, Jimmy Page Signature first run from 95.beautiful flame. But the pickups were stock and I really didn't get anything from the gimmick of push-pull pots on all four and well, I decided to sell to finance other projects.
But the Gibson Custom Shop still pump out some classic items, here the latest Peter Green 59 Butterscotch..yes please.

then the JP Authentic...

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Musician, guitarist said...

would be nice as a coffey table...