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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ten Years Gone

From Knebworth and very unusual to see Jimmy playing a tele on this song to be honest. Its rough but its a dirty sound and purest form..check out the three necked special as well..

Now then, here he comes again whilst playing with another fav band, The Black Crowes many years after. IMO this version is massive in both vocals of Robinson as well as the guitars and of course Mr Page was starting to really get back into the game.

One of the earliest songs I tried to play...oh dear...
The chords in this song are quite interesting..diminished and all the rest...
so of course, you know how it is, your looking at this and notice another

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Musician, guitarist said...

actually i went home 16.45 to be exact if you wanna tell bruce...haha no, i had 3 git at home thet needed set up before the show. mugs guitars as well. you coming to the show? freakin grat page stuff. did you know we had his daughter as our official photo chick in England when we were sign to music for nations.99-2004. Great gal. used to work for Ross Halfin
see ya!