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Monday, May 2, 2011

New battery and theres some life in the bitch!

Enough was enough! Having purchased a battery charger and being rewarded with a flashing light that was morse code for "this battery is fucked", I went out a put some money into a decent gel battery.
I removed the live red/white cable from the CDI and bolted up the battery and turned the key...and voila..there is life! Everything that was connected up worked except for the front headlights which could be for various reasons, at the moment I'm hoping its the fact that the bulbs are shot!
Now I'm just waiting for some parts that still need sourcing..with the weather good its a right pain to have to wait!
I also had to look around at tyres and I'm going to go for Dunlops Sportmax sportsmarts.

Obviously as I'm cheap as, I'm gonna order the tyres seperatly and remove the wheels and take to a save quite a lot of money this way but it is a pain in the ass...kinda follows that it would be.
I'm hoping for start up as soon as all parts are sourced...

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