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Thursday, May 12, 2011

When a John Birch is unavailable...

Everybody...well hopefully everybody, likes that Iommi tone.

His 65 SG special with the original John Birch pups sounds awesome. And unless you have some nice old 65 wood lying around with Gibson and SG on it, and some JB pups, your gonna struggle to get anything close to his tone imo. For a start, his humbuckers by Gibson aren't gonna give you that tone as he actually had mini-humbuckers and a p90 in the tail and some..and plastic finger tops of course, but thats another story..

I wanted something with more bite and started looking around and decided to give Mike at Gemini handwounds a shot. Basically his mini has twice the resistence in the bridge and also uses thinner guage wire.
here is the explation of the pickup currently being built as it was ordered today:-

Mountain Queen
The Mountain Queen is constructed like the Qilin with carbon steel blades and a single bar magnet, but in this case an Alnico V. The neck pickup has a typical PAF style winding but using slightly finer wire. The result is a pickup that replaces brashness with sweetness and aggression with soul, a beautiful pickup for almost any style from jazz to rock. The bridge pickup is hot wound with extra fine wire to produce thick, rich tones with incredible harmonics way beyond anything normally associated with mini humbuckers. The Mountain Queen bridge unit is a rock machine par excellence.
Wire SWG 46 (Neck), AWG 44 (bridge), Alnico V magnet, 2 conductor wiring.
DC Resistance: Neck 8.23k, Bridge 14.1k.

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