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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Russell/Muzzy '92

Cleaned up after start up and unpacked the exhaust I bought which apparently was the exhaust from the official muzzy race shop.And you'd probably believe it was if you saw it close up. welding is amazing and everything is kept together with springs at every joint. The silencer has had all it's rivets removed and will need repacked, but I can't wait to sort it out and fit it up.
But first, a front D208RR will have to be fitted as the first is really at the end of days.
Once that is out of the way, I'll sort out the paperwork. I think I'll also fit a 4 degree advancer , together with the exhaust as that is meant to be a huge benefit.Maybe there is already one in it?

With regards packing for the exhaust, it's fairly simple. Tight = loud, looser packing= less loud .
last but not least the rear-sets will be fitted.

Anyway, I've been taking it really easy due to the split-link issue which I plan to resolve first thing tomorrow. The bike isn't pristine as she was, but there is a lot of character there which almost suits a bike that was made for the track. And of course the entire FCR39 experience is always a sweet one!
Think an oil change will be on the cards as well.

Russell leading Chandler in 1990's in the SuperSport on the zxr750r.

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