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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Houston...we have a problem...

There are a few guitars I own which really blow me away when it comes to their feel and tone, and the R9 is deffo one of them..
Tonite my mate came over, he's what you would term a "proper" guitarist, and he hadn't played her since  I'd fitted the slider scatterwounds..he was very impressed, and thats no easy thing!
Once he'd left I kept playing her and all of a sudden she died in the neck pickup...just before this happened there something , hard to explain...happened..and then was like a could I "squeezing juice through a press with too small a holes" over distorted and then nothing...
This wasn't the first time the neck pickup had played around..the last time was a poor solder to the oil caps..
gutted! from warmth to cold in milli-sec. I took the back off and fiddled but nothing...

Think this time I'll take her to the shop to be looked at..

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