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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1056 peavey evh amber 1st year quilt...serious weapon

So the neck pup died on the r9 and I figured, best to take out the Peavey.
And once again it never ceases to amaze me.
If you find one, buy it. If there was a hot rod of guitars this would be it!
Everything just fits together perfectly to make it into Eddies signature..not like other signatures, where guitar players possibly choose a hotter pickup or what colours, or put a sticker on it..
This beast is different in every way and despite the fact that I'm a junior at guitars, you can feel it.
The body, slightly larger with a maple cap on basswood...the crunch of the pickups is notable..and of course the patented neck , raw and incredible..possibly the greatest neck you'll ever play! try it and come back later! Even the headstock feels dwarfed and smaller...and all tightened together with a floyd and jumbo frets...seriously, try one of these out. Awesome and very individual in many ways!

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