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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Plastic arse!

Over the weekend and the rush has been on to try and get to the point of start up. As usual the small jobs always end up taking more time and time and time again I get so angry when I remember just how pristine the bike was before somebody decided to steal her.
The main issue has been finding replacement plastic. I'm an ebayer and I swear I haven't seen much over the past year for this year of bike in this colour combo. When I did find some gear I knew it wasn't the best of condition but that it would get me back on the road. You can see the left hand panel has a battle scar and the front cowl has also been fixed previously.Don't care, as long as they fit...and thats what this evening was about.

Although first it was the headlight problem. The starter problem was solved when I discovered I hadn't clicked the connector block into the clutch setup on the handlebar.As soon as it clicked in she turned over. I was getting worried..
Now the headlights still didn't work.Everything else worked.
This evening I plugged in a new bulb and switched on the bike.Nothing.Then I hit the starter and the main headlight went on? everything worked after I'd hit the start button, but the lights stayed off once I switched her bizarre..can't remember if this was the case when I bought the bike..I'm not sure if this is legal in sweden, soon find out anyway.

So then I took the decision to try and fix the fairing to the bike.Obviously when your dealing with ebay plastics mixed with a bag of bits from a bike that nearly ended its life grinding itself down a road..your gonna be frustrated.
When I stripped down the bike, many parts were sharred down to bare metal and screws had to be removed using faithful chisel friend. The fit was very tight and by all accounts I may leave two of the bolts that fit the fairing to the radiator lower bracket, off for now.We'll see how she settles..I was also gutted that I couldn't save the windscreen which I thought I had a half chance..reduced to a large scrap heap of genuine 91 kawasaki "everysodear"...but once I'd finished this evening I was very close to the finish line. A new windscreen and indicators will have to be sourced.

One thing that really surprised me was the new feel of the rear suspension .It actually reacts positivly when you sit on the bike. It has the race-kit length rods and a later linkage which seems to have really brought some movement and life into the original stiff board set up.
The 6 pots up front feel will aslo be tested as everything has been bled , from clutch to brakes.

The race rearsets and scott russell muzzy exhaust will be fitted once all the legals are taken care of.

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