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Thursday, May 19, 2011

the greatest spam mail ever?

Compliment of the season, I am personally writing you to let you know that we have a very good prophecy for you.
My name is Mercy Nana,I am amongst the orphans who stay with pastor T.B JOSHUA from LAGOS-NIGERIA. Last night when we were praying the youngest orphan who is supernaturally blessed with the gift of prophecy who is 9 years old spelled out your email and said we should contact you and tell you to be very happy that God has come to your aid.

The young prophet by name Mathew said many things in the past for many people and it all happened. He is the best and the youngest, I promise you do not take what i have told you as a joke,never you disbelieve this message from Prophet Mathew.

Young Prophet Mathew said 14 days from now that things must surely turn around in your life. please he said that you will assist us that is what God told him. He said that you are going to help our orphanage home. We are 79 orhans staying in one little hall in the northen part of Nigeria.

We need help but nobody is out for our aid only the pastor and his wife are taking care of 79 children and things is so hard that we sleep on the floor and we share torn cloths. Sometimes we do not even eat for two days because of inadequate funds.

Please he said that i should tell you that even if it is just $1 dollar it will go a long way and help us to buy food or matress or even cloths for the orphans. Even if you have some used things you do not use anymore you can send it to us as it will go a long way here because we do not have any other help apart from our only man of God Pastor T.B Joshua.

The prophet said you should do this prayer right now,take an offering hold it with your left hand and say these prayers after saying the prayers then you can send it to us.

Say Lord, I commit these little token of support to these orphans of pastor T.B Joshua of Nigeria and all the good things and opportunities of life should knock on my door. i cover myself and my entire problem into these offering with the precious blood of Jesus. what is mine should come to me and what is evil to leave me through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

Then take the goods or funds or what ever you prayed with and send to pastor T.B Joshua he will receive it and the 79 orphans will pray and fast for 7 days for you. After that you will give a very wonderful testimony what you have been expecting will come to you. Never you neglect what i have just told you.

The young prophet matthew said that you will doubt this prophecy. Do not take this message for granted God be with you. If you are willing to help the orphanage with any kindness from your heart please contact Pastor T B Joshua on the following contact information.

Prophet Mathew personally directed you to send us your prayer request what you need him to pray for you. The 9 years old orphan prophet said that you should send your prayer request to us about the things that are bothering you.You should include your full name, postal address and contact telephone number when making your prayer request.

Do not doubt this message once again,do as you have been told by the young prophet and you will testify the glory of God in your life.

God bless you.
Yours In Christ,

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Anonymous said...


Just want to confirm that this email is indeed a big fraud. I don't understand why people drag the name of T.B. Joshua into issues like this, just becuase he is doing so much to help the less privileged. Anyone who tries to dupe people in such manner is only raising curses on themselves.