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Friday, May 20, 2011

Great memories and the start of Sleipner!

Just found this on Youtube, simply awesome to find this old footage of the legendary BOTT harley "lucifers hammer" ! Only the other day I found the blue prints of the oil tank that you'll see if you look closely , slung underneath the engine. Completely different design used by Dick O'brian who sent me the prints from the Harley Davidson race shop. The commentator also mentions another guy I was in contact with, Don Tilley, who was a big name in the HD racing game.

Sleipner, my own designed, built and raced Harley had it's origins with "lucifers hammer".


Bendjm said...

There was an article in the swedish magazine MCM about this bike back in the day. Do You have it?


"Gonzo" said...

Yes, my bike (and I) were in MCM who also sponsored us.I sold off the rolling chassis to the USA and the engine to Germany a few years ago.
This bike was designed and put through manufacture by me.The frame kits are still available.